DWQA QuestionsCategory: Development ToolAtom editor: can you run java code like MyEclipse
dodomonster asked 1 month ago

Can atom editor run and compile Java projects? I tried to write front-end code with sublime. Code updates need to be refreshed in MyEclipse to take effect. Is there any good way to write front-end code in sublime or atom, which can be updated immediately without refreshing the code in MyEclipse.

aristotll replied 1 month ago

Write Java or use ide

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logistic answered 1 month ago

First, install Java environment locally, then install script plug-in for atom, and then run with CMD + I

dodomonster replied 1 month ago

Well First of all, I do front-end, do not understand java So atom is my main editor Ask this question because I’m not used to and don’t like to use ide such as MyEclipse / eclipse to write front-end code. It’s very troublesome. However, with atom, the code changed in atom will not be changed directly in Java project. Instead, I need to switch to the interface of MyEclipse to reload the code first. So I’m very tired to ask this question But this is the problem and trouble that the former company encountered Now that we don’t have this kind of trouble, we don’t even need atom to use sublime again. Thank you for your patience

logistic replied 1 month ago

I’m also a front-end editor. Atom is the main editor. Recently, I have to write java code, so I’ve always wanted to get a lightweight editor. I’ve searched the Internet for a circle, but there’s no better way. I fumbled for it, but it was very simple, so I wrote down the answer

leftstick answered 1 month ago
  1. stayatom/sublimeChange the front-end file, hopeeclipseSynchronous refresh, it is estimated that you need some plug-ins to monitor changes in the file system (I have reservations about whether someone has done it). This kind of plug-in doesn’t make much sense
  2. myeclipseWhat is it?myeclipseyeseclipseIt provides a large number of small tools and plug-ins for enterprise Java applications, which is convenient for development.
  3. eclipseWhat is it? Is an integrated development environment (IDE) written by Java. The reason why it is called integrated development environment is that with it, real-time static syntax check, code prompt, search definition, compile, run, debug, etc. become possible.
  4. atomWhat is it? Is a web-based technologyelectronIn theory, the developed front-end Advanced Editor platform can complete some basic functions of IDE through various plug-ins. However, in the face of Java, a static and compiled language, there is still a certain gap from the convenience of IDE

Listen to your description, your project may be a mix of front end and back endjavaEEProjects,eclipsecoordinationmyeclipseThe plug-in also works well when editing front-end files. So unless you’re really thereatom/sublimeIf you have special needs, you can use it directlyeclipseThat’s fine. Don’t trade it around

guchenghao answered 1 month ago

Atom has this kind of plug-in, but it’s better to write java with eclipse or IntelliJ idea. How easy these two are to use!!

G_Koala_C answered 1 month ago

Atom looks cool, but it suck, not breadth, and depth to support a language. Write the code directly or check the spelling of the code. Debug the code. So if you have eclipse or MyEclipse, don’t use this. Debugging is really bad.