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hanweimin asked 3 months ago

Please consult your friends about the problems encountered at present1. After zkserver.sh start

Zkcli.sh enter the client
Then add the user addauth digest user1: password1
Set permissions setacl / testnode auth: user1: password1: cdrwa
Last quit
Then zkcli.sh enters the client again. Why do you need to execute addauth digest user1: password1 again to access testnode
At present, I only know how to play, but I can't understand the process?

2. Refer to the use of ZK Kafka a set of ACL certification on the Internet
image.pngAt present, what I can understand is that this Kafka account seems to be used by Kafka to communicate with ZK
However, after checking the log, I didn’t find the relevant information. I can’t understand it. Where is this account used?
Then I try to produce data and consumption data on the client, and everything is normal (?)Online Description:

The full name of ACL is access control list (access control list), which is used to control the access rights of resources, control the read and write operations of nodes, and ensure the security of data.

   ACL is the abbreviation of access control lists, that is, permission control lists:

Related permissions such as read and write can be set for nodes to ensure data security
Permissions can specify different permission ranges and rolesI don’t understand it yet: for example, when I use Kafka to produce data or consume data, there is no similar process requiring me to enter an account and password for normal use, so I can’t understand where the security is reflected after I open this ACL?For example, after I open the ACL, my production data or consumption data must use an account and password. In this way, at least I can understand that it is different before and after the ACL is openedAsk friends passing by for advice. Thank you!In addition, I Baidu a lot about whether there are relevant texts on the functions of each node under zkcli after it enters the client. There is little introduction in this regard
Like admin config brokers zookeeper,

  1. This is too vague… How to match it and how to remove it.
  2. addauth
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Then go hiking answered 3 months ago
  1. This is too vague… How to match it and how to remove it.
  2. addauth
hanweimin replied 3 months ago

The question has been updated. Please give me more advice. Thank you