DWQA QuestionsCategory: ProgramAs a precipitated front-end, how to build its own front-end knowledge system?
Wang Tieshou asked 2 months ago

I have been engaged in the front-end for nearly 2 years and gained rich experience, but this is not enough.
I hope I can sort out my skill points and check the details of a skill point at any time.
I have considered the brain mapping tool before, but I still feel that it is too general. I hope I can refine it.
So I’m eager to know how people with experience in this field do it.
I also found some knowledge systems on the Internet, such ashttp://ecomfe.duapp.com/
And here’s the brain map
I hope you can give me some opinions and suggestions.
Add: I want the method, not the result.

Erigeron breviscapus replied 2 months ago

Two years = rich? I don’t know how to get the result.

Erigeron breviscapus replied 2 months ago


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huandu answered 2 months ago

If the so-called precipitation means leaving something behindShow it to othersWell, please learn the answer to the picture above. He did it.
However, I think this kind of precipitation has little significance for personal internal training. These things are typical “Google able” knowledge. They are not real precipitation, they are just notes. It’s easy to forget notes. Do you still remember what you took notes in high school? I guess I forgot all about it.
Can let oneself long-term memory, really precipitate in the heart, is those who often use and often think about things. It’s nothing more than using these skills to do things, and looking at the same thing from multiple dimensions, when each dimension is clear, it will precipitate.
For example, JS.
If the subject is proficient in browser JS development, may as well try it node.js Server development, use express to write a small website to play, to see the server-side JS usage, design ideas and precautions and browser side what is different.
what, node.js Tired of it? Let’s continue to take a look at mongodb. This device uses JS to manipulate data, and can also store JS objects (bson) directly. Find out how its usage, design ideas and precautions are different from others.
What, mongodb’s JS also understood, feeling like that? Well, you can consider writing one in C + + node.js Let’s see what the legendary V8 engine looks like, and understand the usage of JS from the implementation level (omitted) What’s the difference.
JS alone has a lot to play with. What asm.js Ah, spider monkey Take your time~
In this way, with constant learning, knowledge will naturally precipitate down, which will follow their own lifetime of precipitation. So instead of taking the time to draw a beautiful brain map, it’s better to go out of the comfort zone and learn more about it.

mcfog answered 2 months ago

As a front-end without precipitation, I think that vision may be more important than precipitation. I think Google has done the best for us, at least in most areas of the front end. All I have to do is to know that there is such a thing, and then know what the jargon / jargon is and how to search for reliable materials and articles
My experience is probably

  • After solving the problem, when you have time, look for more information in the direction of “principles”, and strive to draw inferences from one instance
  • There are itchy new technology might as well find the opportunity to try in their own small amateur projects
  • Regardless of the quantity of Chinese materials, the average quality is far lower than that of English materials. English materials are preferred
  • Maintain their own information channels, high-quality channels can take the initiative to look at and even subscribe to, unreliable channels to see less
Wang Tieshou replied 2 months ago

Not all knowledge can come from Google. Many innovation fields have to cross the river by feeling their own stones. How can you sort out the experience you get at this time, and then quickly find all the details summarized at the beginning when you meet the next time. In fact, I am more concerned about how to sort out this point. If you just accept knowledge without sorting out and outputting your own knowledge system, I feel It doesn’t matter how much you accept.

mcfog replied 2 months ago

It may be that my level is not up to the level of being able to innovate something. It may also be that our definition of innovation and learning style are not the same. I think the brain maps in other answers and questions are useless to me. What I know is listed in the brain map or I know it. If I don’t list it, I won’t forget it. If I don’t know, I still don’t know

Erigeron breviscapus replied 2 months ago

Vision determines the end point

The mouth of Jinkou answered 2 months ago

It technology, including now a sentence to have a strong learning ability, encounter difficulties can quickly learn and solve, master the basic principles can draw inferences from one instance.

Chobits answered 2 months ago

Knowledge is just tools. What matters is how to use them to solve practical problems

Banwenqing answered 2 months ago

The most complete front-end knowledge structure chart at present,

LastOneSky answered 2 months ago

Front end knowledge updates quickly. As a front-end, I have been working for six years. With the change of times, many of the skills mastered before are no longer effective. And some new challenges, which have not been touched before, need to be relearned.
It’s important to keep learning. I used to need a lot of IE6 compatibility skills, but now I need a lot of CSS3 skills, and there are a lot of things to explore on the mobile side.
So I think, keep learning new content, constantly abandon the old things, maintain the knowledge system, or have been building.

wfc_666 answered 2 months ago

Let me offer an option:read more booksTake more notes
I started the habit of taking notes at the beginning of this year. So far, the profits are quite high.
I will write down the key points of the front-end related books in my notes. The advantages are as follows:
The process of a note will prompt me to think deeply whether I can understand the author’s knowledge, meaning and ideas;
Second, it can deepen the impression;
Three, when used, will be very fast to find.
Note taking is not only about book knowledge, but also about the technology related articles you usually read. You can summarize the main points and count them into your notes.
What’s more, it’s not about taking a lot of notes (it’s a waste of time), it’s about the key points. For example:
You don’t need to remember the knowledge points that Google can get out in 5 minutes;
The pit that we stepped on in the process of exploring new technology is the key thing to remember;
The blind spots in solving problems, problems discussed with colleagues, and inspired methods can be summed up (the process of summary is the process of thinking and improving). Take notes, and you will be familiar with similar problems the next time.
It includes the logical reasoning related to business and the transformation from requirements to technical points. It is also very useful to summarize the causes of the problems encountered in the process and write them down.
The purpose of reading and taking notes is the ability to quickly analyze and solve problems when they encounter problems.
In the process of reading, my biggest feeling is that some classic books at the front end are worth reading for two reasons

  1. Knowledge point system, comprehensive. Many of the best practices you see on the Internet are in the book, and you will talk about why it is better to write like this;
  2. The author’s thinking and logic are very strong, which helps us to improve our logical reasoning ability and summarize our own learning methods.

Two cloud notes are recommended: impression notes and Youdao cloud notes.
When I started using impression notes, there were few fonts on it and the style was not easy to adjust, so I gave it up decisively. I don’t know if it’s improved now.

LiuCaiHe answered 2 months ago

This is good. I’ve seen it before, and I often look at it now~