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baogoal asked 4 weeks ago

Using Charles to capture IOS app on MAC, I found that an app is very strange. It can run normally without setting agent. Once the agent is set, it can’t get the server’s data, so it can’t capture the package. How can I solve this problem?

RobinTang replied 4 weeks ago

Maybe the app tries to communicate with the server using HTTPS and strictly verifies the certificate. You Charles’s certificate does not pass the verification, so you can’t communicate with the server.I only know the possible reasons, there is no solution. Try changing the Android version of the app.

RobinTang replied 4 weeks ago

Do you have a solution?

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ToFind1991 answered 4 weeks ago

I guess it’s the problem of the HTTPS certificate. The proxy is used, which leads to the verification failure and the request failure

Changwei answered 4 weeks ago

To capture packets directly at the network interface, or to capture packets using Wireshark + WinPcap, this kind of software is usually operated at the bottom of hardware, which is not easy to be detected.

Cool AI Dian answered 4 weeks ago

You can try ittcpdumpOrder to capture packets
You can refer to the textbook:http://www.jianshu.com/p/a62ed1bb5b20

Karkarot 925 answered 4 weeks ago

Certificate issues. No match

Xu dada answered 4 weeks ago

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