DWQA QuestionsCategory: Development ToolAdd different SSH to different warehouses on GitHub. How to configure the config file when using git bash to upload locally?
Light white asked 1 month ago

Each warehouse can create keys, as shown in the figure below
Two SSH are also created locally
When I upload another project, I should have used ID_ rsa_ Frontend: ID is used by default_ rsa

n͛i͛g͛h͛t͛i͛r͛e͛ replied 1 month ago

God, who taught you that? The deployment key is not used in this way. You only need one key. If you don’t understand the deployment key, don’t touch it.

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everfight answered 1 month ago

Before the reference is this tutorial, the landlord to see if you want the answer.
Git configuring multiple SSH keys

You Ming answered 1 month ago

When there are multiple private and public key pairs in the local area, thessh-addAdd these private keys to the table of private keys used for authentication.
In this way, when we connect to the server through SSH client (GIT’s SSH protocol), we will check the private keys in the local private key table one by one.