Query SAP multiple database table sizes


Query SAP multiple database table sizes https://www.cnblogs.com/ken-yu/p/12973009.html

Item code db02

Here are two approaches,

In the first graphical interface, the results of the query data table are displayed in MB, and only one table can be queried at a time.

SPACE—Segments—Detailed Analysis—Detailed Analysis 

In the pop-up window segment / object, enter the name of the table. Click Select segments to enter the next query


The second way is to use SQL statement to query.

Erfommanagement — additional functions — SQL command editor — write SQL statement — execute

The statement is as follows:

select segment_name,bytes from dba_segments where segment_name in ('tabel1','tabel2','tabel3')

The results are as follows:

Then divide the result in excel by 1024 twice to get MB.