Quartz.net Holes in configuration file


Let’s talk about the configuration here Quartz.netHole in profile

1、quartz_ jobs.xml Configure nodes in

Key value
    Value value

———-When configuring in the value here, you should pay attention not to appear%, &? Wait for special characters, or your job won’t work

2. If your Quartz.net It is independent and deployed to the server. Each update does not need to update the main program

There’s a way to do this in your main program

obj.Invoke(settings["ClassLib"].ToString(), "executeJob", new object[] { settings, context.JobDetail.Key.Name });

   Here “executejob” is the starting method name of each job

And then yoursquartz_ jobs.xml Configuration needs attention

Main program library name. Folder name. Class name, solution name

        The file path of the deployment server -- * * / * * / * *. DLL
        Database name + class name in the job --- library name. Class name


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