QT button add menu


1、 Foreword

There are many ways to add a menu to a button in QT. You can left-click the pop-up menu or bind customcontextmenurequested(Const qpoint &) signal, right-click the customcontextmenu mode to pop up the menu;

When I use the left button to pop up the menu, I found that there will be drop-down triangles, which will affect the beauty, so I sorted out the methods to remove the drop-down triangles

2、 Remove the drop-down triangle after the button setting menu

1. Style removal (disadvantages: the drop-down triangle is hidden, but it still takes up space, and the text is not centered)

//Don’t show pictures


2. The slot function is used to manually display the menu mode

Idea: bind the slot function of the button, create a new qmenu in the slot function, set the position, and then display the menu

1) Create display menu during construction

QT button add menuQT button add menu

1 // call the constructor to create a menu
 2 void Widget::initMenu()
 3 {
 4     menu = new QMenu(this);
 5     menu->setWindowFlags(menu->windowFlags() | Qt::FramelessWindowHint);
 6     //menu->setAttribute(Qt::WA_TranslucentBackground);
 7     menu->setObjectName("senMenu");
 8     sendAction = menu->addAction("Selected line");
 9     ctrlAction = menu->addAction("Changed direction");
11     ui->pushButton->setCheckable(true);
12     ui->pushButton_2->setMenu(menu);
13     ui->pushButton_3->setMenu(menu);
14 // the shadow hides the triangle, but it still occupies the space on the right, and the font is not centered
15     ui->pushButton_3->setStyleSheet("QPushButton:menu-indicator{image:none;}");
16 }

Create menu when constructing

2) Calculated display position in slot function

QT button add menuQT button add menu

1 // button slot function
 2 void Widget::menuSlot()
 3 {
 4     QPoint pos = ui->pushButton->pos();
 6     pos.setX(pos.x() + 1);
 7     pos.setY(pos.y() + ui->pushButton->height() - 1);
 8 // calculate the menu position
 9     menu->exec(mapToGlobal(pos));
10 }

Display position calculation

3. Operation effect

From left to right, there are ideal effects, drop-down triangle effect and de triangle effect



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