qqpcrtp. What process is exe and how to delete qqpcrtp process


qqpcrtp. What process is exe?

Actually, qqpcrtp Exe is the process of QQ computer manager. If we install QQ computer manager, this process will appear on the process of task manager. This process is a real-time protection service for QQ computer housekeeper. It is very important to protect yourself from malicious programs, and anti-virus software has a similar process. Generally, the save path of this process is [C: \ program files \ tent \ qqpcmgr \ 4.6.1150.203 \ qqpcrtp. Exe]. This process is not a virus or Trojan horse. It’s not a system program. You can close it. You can also ignore it.

QQPCRTP. How does the EXE process close?

In fact, the quickest way is to uninstall the QQ computer manager directly to close the process. However, after closing the process, the associated QQ may fail, resulting in the failure of QQ acceleration.

QQPCRTP. Exe process file deletion method

If you don’t need to start the process, you can temporarily close it at present. The setting method is to open QQ computer housekeeper, and then click [setting Center – general setting – self protection – temporarily close self protection], so as to temporarily close qqpcrtp for this startup Exe process.. If it needs to be closed for a long time, also open QQ computer housekeeper and click [setting – version function – close automatic update]. Then find QQ pcrtp on the installation path of QQ computer manager Exe file can be deleted.

The above is qqpcrtp What process is exe? How to delete all the contents of, I hope it will help you.