qqlogin.exe What is the process qqlogin.exe Application error resolution


Questions from netizens:QQlogin.exe What is the process?

Developer answers for you: QQlogin.exe It’s about QQ software. It is so Tencent QQ game login window program, all when we are playing Tencent’s game. For example, after you log in, you will find the process in the process. QQlogin.exe Here QQ refers to Tencent QQ. Login refers to the login of a program. So if the computer without this program, it is not able to run open QQ game. This is one of the reasons why QQ games don’t work. Because sometimes the process is mistakenly checked and killed when the user is checking and killing the Trojan virus, especially when the installed Jinshan drug bully is mistakenly killed. So if it happens QQlogin.exe If lost, download and install again.


 qqlogin.exe Solutions to application errors

Recently, a new system has been installed, and once it’s on DNF, it’s in trouble qqlogin.exe Application error, repeated. Before playing DNF did not encounter this situation, as long as a landing will appear qqlogin.exe -Application error. The 0x6850ffff memory referenced by the 0x6850ffff instruction. The memory cannot be read.

In order to find a solution, we have to search everywhere and see the following solutions.
Method 1: put QQlogin.exe Delete. It will be automatically updated and downloaded again QQlogin.exe This program.
Method 2: create a new user in the control panel account, delete the admin user, and log in with the newly created user.
Try the above two methods, found that the problem is still not solved, suddenly saw a message from the game line of sight enthusiastic netizens to the method:
Upgrade IE7 to IE8 qqlogin.exe Error in the 0x6850ffff instruction in the application error.
I tried this method with a dubious attitude, and found that the problem was solved, and no more mistakes were reported.

Conclusion: the expression of DNA in DNF is not significant QQlogin.exe Not compatible with IE7.
If the above failure occurs, players can check whether they are IE7 or not. If yes, please upgrade to IE8. The next 360 or QQ Housekeeper will not upgrade. The installation file of IE8 can be found in the vulnerability.