[qiyueliu Wuxu] first day in blog Park~



[first of all]: the purpose of creating a blog is to share the basic knowledge of HTML5+CSS+JavaScript, and help the new beginners to master the basic knowledge. In addition to systematically sharing the relevant knowledge posts from the front to the back, from the easy to the difficult order, it will also appropriately attach several exercises suitable for the current shared knowledge points at the bottom of each technical knowledge post, and then next At the beginning of each post, I will share my solution first and add comments for new reference. If you don’t want to see it, don’t spray it ~ ~ of course, you are welcome to point out that there is a better way to comment and leave a message, so we can make progress together.

(when you see some good content that you want to share here, you will definitely indicate the source, attach the website, and never use it casually!)

Some time ago, I heard a friend talk about blog park. You can browse and learn many technology Posts shared by others, or you can create your own blog and share your own technology. At that time, I was a bit excited. I wanted to go and have a look when I was free. If I could use it well, I would create a blog of my own. Because I am a person who likes and is willing to share, and I can help myself to recall and consolidate all kinds of technical knowledge while sharing technology. In case of any mistake in sharing, it is also a good thing to help myself to check and fill the gaps and improve technology again.

For the first time to create a blog, I applied for an account yesterday and then applied to open my own blog. Today, as soon as I open the computer, I will come up to see if the application has passed. The first thing to see the success of blog opening is to be familiar with various functions, to see a few pages of content, and then to find that there are many ready-made templates to use. I’m still a little surprised. I think the blog park is good and worth using^_^

What we usually use to type code is[vscode], I have used several other editors before, such as [hbuilder] is also very good, the interface is simple, the theme color is comfortable and eye protection, the quick operation of code block is also very convenient, but!!!

After using vscode, I found that I can change all kinds of themes. After all, I live a code farming life in front of the computer every day. Editors and keyboards are important jobs for programmers. Sitting in front of the computer is definitely much more time than accompanying my girlfriend. If I need to look at the beauty value to find my girlfriend, the editor also wants to use the beauty value to be higher, Hey ~), so even if we need to build our own environment in many places of vscode, we need to find relevant plug-ins to install many functions, but we still enjoy it.

In order to make itself comfortable, Baidu has worked out how to operate various vscode related functions. After all, after installation, it is found that they are all in English, so it is necessary to go to Baidu and change them to Chinese (the next post will share the environment that vscode needs to be built for use). Read a lot of Posts sharing the theme of vscode editor, and changed a lot of skins. I always think it’s a little bit worse, not as good as my mind. Then I thought, the theme is also made by others. Since others don’t like it so much, why not do it by yourself? This is not true. Recently, several posts have found a way to make their own theme with official production software, but also a more convenient way to set the relevant [CSS] style directly in the editor. The method is found, but it’s not easy to make a good-looking effect. Just the division of various parts of the editor has dozens of places to modify the color. The color setting of the code is not so simple. After a whole day, I haven’t found a satisfactory match. Staring at various colors of the color selector, I’m really dazzled. It seems that I can’t match a satisfactory theme in a short time. I can only When I use it, I feel it is uncomfortable to modify it a little bit. When I feel comfortable, I feel I can take it out and let you have a look. I will share it here for your reference. If I like it, I will take it directly. (about how to make your own theme, I will write a post to introduce it later.)

After a lot of wordiness, it’s also a foreshadowing. To get back to the point, when I found that the blog park can change the page theme at will, I decided to share some things here, just like when I used to play QQ space, I wanted to make it beautiful. Of course, it’s useless to have a beautiful page here, and the main thing is to share the technical posts well, but I still hope that both of them can satisfy myself first, and then let the readers recognize me.

If I just change the existing theme, I will not lay the groundwork for so long. The point is that the existing theme will not be so satisfactory. I will look around the page to see if I can change the page style. I really found it. Blog Garden – Settings – change settings column. In the middle and bottom of the page, you can customize the page CSS style. This attracted me again. I was busy with the theme style modification of the editor and the page style modification of my blog. I couldn’t make it in a short time. Because I am a perfectionist, I will not share these two things until I am satisfied.

Next, take some time to sort out the content that needs to be shared, especially the sharing of basic knowledge. If you want to make an outline catalog and share it systematically, it’s suitable for beginners to learn. It’s not good to have one knowledge point in the East and one knowledge point in the west, to confuse the audience and even mislead the people who want to learn.

OK, let’s get here first day. If the post is seen in this place, it means that I’m still interested in seeing what I’m sharing. I hope to pay attention to it first, otherwise the next post may not be destined to see it again^_^

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