Qipengyuan visual operation platform creates three-dimensional virtual world


What is the meta universe? A thousand industries have a thousand yuan universe in their eyes. Metauniverse is no longer a hyped concept. With the growing popularity of the meta universe, the future meta universe will replace today’s traditional Internet and enter the 3.0 era, which will open up the parallel world of reality and virtual. More and more technology giants have entered one after another and are trying to apply the meta universe.

Qipengyuan visual operation platform (Web3.0 operating system) uses three-dimensional virtual simulation technology to create a three-dimensional virtual world that is consistent with the feeling of viewing, listening and touching in reality, and provides various interactive operations, so that visitors can really enter an interactive three-dimensional virtual environment generated by computer, interact with it and communicate with it.

Yuancosmos is the ultimate social model of the future digital world. The hacker empire, the number one player and the out of control player all give us a perfect interpretation of the social model of future life. At the same time, due to the gradual maturity of social media, the credibility of traditional Internet social networking has been severely challenged. Without knowing who the social object is, we hope that the social content is credible and traceable. Therefore, the anonymous and trusted feature of blockchain provides a solution for trusted metauniverse social communication.

Qipeng yuan horizon is the meta universe. It is a tool for the whole people to jointly build and share the industrial platform of digital economy. It is committed to letting everyone give full play to their value. Qipengyuan horizon adopts six supporting technologies: blockchain, interaction, video games, network and computing, Internet of things and artificial intelligence to realize simple and efficient interaction between people and things and eternal data.