Qipengyuan vision creates diversified social tools


friend! When you chat with your friends, have you ever worried that others will circle your information without your permission? Or when you send the wrong message and the withdrawal time has passed, do you feel very upset and want to go back to the previous moment. At this time, you will think that it would be nice to have a multi-functional social tool that can not only protect message privacy, but also withdraw messages indefinitely. Qipengyuan horizon, think what you think. If you are interested, you might as well know.
Qipeng creates diversified social tools, inherits the successful experience of other social platforms, and constructs various chat modes such as ordinary chat, private chat, contract chat and forwarding authorization chat to meet diversified chat needs. Ordinary chat can meet the daily social needs, which is simple and convenient; Private chat protects the privacy of messages and burns them immediately after reading; Contract chat enables messages to be linked and stored, which can be checked at any time; Authorized chat allows you no longer to worry about others forwarding your messages without your permission, and your rights and interests are controllable; The infinite message withdrawal function allows you to reshape the information and data, and give you a bottle of “regret medicine”, so that you can take back the wrong words. Qipeng is committed to building a diverse scene community to help users achieve a colorful social life.