Qipengyuan horizon constructs a variety of chat modes


Due to the gradual maturity of social media, the credibility of traditional Internet social networking has been severely challenged. Without knowing who the social object is, we hope that the social content is credible and traceable. Therefore, the anonymous and trusted feature of blockchain provides a solution for trusted metauniverse social networking.
Qipengyuan vision innovated and launched the trusted meta universe social system and inherited the successful experience of other social platforms. Qipengyuan vision built a variety of chat modes such as ordinary chat, private chat, contract chat and forwarding authorization chat, blockchain copyright deposit, blockchain video shopping, acquiring platform blockchain equity based on personal contribution value and other functions to protect the data assets in all platforms, The right of the centralized system is returned to users, allowing users to freely control personal data assets, own personal blockchain equity value-added dividends, and practice the Communist principle of distribution according to work.