Qingchuang Technology joins the dragon lizard community to build a new ecology of intelligent operation and maintenance platform


Recently, ‍Shanghai Qingchuang Information Technology Co., Ltd. (“Qingchuang Technology”) signed the CLA (Contributor License Agreement) and officially joined the OpenAnolis community.

Founded in 2016, Qingchuang Technology focuses on empowering operation and maintenance management with artificial intelligence, activating operation and maintenance data intelligence, and helping customers digital transformation. It is a benchmark supplier in the domestic intelligent operation and maintenance AIOps field that has been continuously recommended by Gartner. The Qingchuang Sherlock AIOps intelligent operation platform (referred to as "Sherlock AIOps") independently developed by Qingchuang Technology interprets IT operation and maintenance from the perspective of global operation, integrates multi-dimensional data such as alarms, performance indicators, logs, etc., in the middle of AI algorithm operation and maintenance. Intelligent scenarios such as accurate alarming, anomaly detection, root cause positioning, and capacity analysis are realized with the support of the smart system, helping enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, and optimize operational decisions. Qingchuang Technology has been deployed in many industries such as banking, finance, manufacturing, energy and transportation.

Yang Chen, founder and CEO of Qingchuang Technology, said: "As a leading domestic manufacturer in the field of intelligent operation and maintenance, Qingchuang Technology will be based on the leading domestic open source community of Dragon Lizard operating system, and rely on the company's accumulated intelligent operation and maintenance technology and experience, actively Join hands with community partners to contribute technical strength to open source operating systems in terms of technological innovation, scene development, application innovation, etc., promote the empowerment and application capabilities of intelligent operation and maintenance in the field of open source operating systems, and at the same time promote the deepening development and continued prosperity of operating systems. In the future, Qingchuang Technology will actively participate in the ecological construction and partner cooperation of the Dragon Lizard community to help create a community ecology that is jointly built and shared."

Fan Hongguang, director of Longli Community, said: "As a leader in the field of intelligent operation and maintenance AIOps, Qingchuang Technology has independently developed Sherlock AIOps, which has greatly reduced the operation and maintenance cost of enterprises, and has provided solutions for many industries. After joining the dragon lizard community, we will carry out product development and in-depth adaptation with dragon lizard based on the open source operating system, expand the open source operating system market development and technological innovation based on intelligent operation and maintenance scenarios, and contribute to the development of the operating system."

Up to now, more than 200 companies have signed the CLA agreement to join the dragon lizard community, including security manufacturers Geer Software, Haitai Fangyuan, database manufacturers Nanda General, Jushan Database, middleware manufacturers Dongfangtong, Zhongchuang Middleware, Baolan Germany, etc., more companies are welcome to join.

The Dragon Plan can be found at:"Dragon Plan" starts! Invite 500 companies to join and embrace the infinite ecology with the Dragon Lizard community

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