Python3 Jupyter QtConsole


Design sketch

Python3 Jupyter QtConsole
Walker’s favorite functions: code completion, a question mark (?) to give comments, two question marks to browse the code.

Environmental Science

  • Operating system: Windows 10 x64 1903
  • Python 3.6.7 x64
  • Jupyter qtconsole 4.5.2 (official document)


  • Install IPython
pip3 install ipython -i
  • Install pyreadline
pip3 install pyreadline -i
  • Install jupyter
pip3 install jupyter -i
  • Install pyqt
pip3 install pyqt5 -i
  • start-up
#You can also directly create a shortcut to start
#Possible file path: C: \ program files \ Python 36 \ scripts \ jupyter-qtconsole.exe
jupyter qtconsole

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