Python package__ init__. Function and usage analysis of PY


This article describes the python package__ init__. The function and usage of py. The details are as follows:


  • In order to organize modules well, multiple modules are combined into a package, so the package is used to store Python modules
  • A package is usually a folder. When a folder is used as a package, the folder needs to contain__ init__. Py file
  • __ init__. Py can be empty. It is generally used for some initialization or settings of the package__ all__ Value__ all__ It’s infrom … import * Statement__ all__ All modules defined in will be imported in from… Import *

Directory structure:image

Test1 Code:image

package_ test.__ init__. Py Code:image

Inner code:image

The test1 module of the import package and the inner module of the sub package are as follows:

from package_test import test1

from package_test.child_package import inner

#-----------------Results of operation:
run in
import test1 done
run in inner

__ init__. Common uses of PY

  • Batch import the modules we need

__ init__ code:


B import package_ Test code:

import package_test


#Results of operation:
<module 're' from 'I:\python3\lib\'> <module 'bs4' from 'I:\python3\lib\site-packages\bs4\'>
  • __ all__, It is used to import all the modules. Different from the above__ all__ Only modules in the package can be imported:

Directory structure:


__ init__ code:


B import package_ Test code:

from package_test import *

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I hope this article is helpful for Python programming.

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