Python No.17_ Character nesting

# !/ usr/bin/env python# -*-  coding:utf-8 - *-# A uthor:Hugolinhjav_ catalog = {    'oumei':{        ' ': ['a lot of free','average quality '],' ': ['a lot of free, also big','higher quality than yourporn '],'letmedothistoyou. Com': ['more self portraits, more high-quality pictures','few resources, slow update '],'x-art. Com': ['high quality ','full charge']}, ' RIHAN ': {Tokoy hot': ['average quality ','charge for listening and speaking']},'dalu ': {1024': ['All free ','server abroad']},} AV_ Catalog ['dalu '] ['1024'] ='can be used as image 'Print (AV) in China_ catalog['dalu']['1024'][1])av_ catalog.setdefault('dalu',{' ':[1,2]})print(av_ catalog)

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