Python automation operation and maintenance


Here are some common doubts about getting started with Python, which are listed below.

1. If you use Python 3.5.2, but the production environment of most companies is Linux, the default Python is 2.6.6, and you don’t have permission to change it. In this case, what’s a good way?

Python2 generally has a third-party library, which will be available in python3, and python2 will completely stop supporting in 2020, so there is no special case. You can directly choose the latest version of Python. Unless your project has to rely on a third-party library in python2, which is not available in python3.

2. What is the main application direction of Python now and in the future?

There are two main directions of Python application, one is crawler, the other is automation. As for the direction of automation, it is divided into automatic operation and maintenance and automatic testing. Python for web development in the next few years will not be the mainstream, the mainstream of web development will be Java this industrial language.

3. What are the main projects of automation operation and maintenance?

CMDB (configuration management database) – > remote execution and scheduling system) – > automated process platform. Among them, CMDB is mainly used to store and manage various configuration information of the equipment in the enterprise IT architecture, and the remote execution and scheduling system is mainly responsible for scheduling each equipment and executing relevant commands, so the difficulty lies in scheduling. Automatic process platform mainly defines the specific process control of daily operation. After doing these three points well, there will be a basic operation and maintenance automation management platform, and then integrate the automation monitoring platform and the authentication fortress machine of operation and maintenance security to form a relatively perfect operation and maintenance automation management platform.

4. What is the daily work of O & M development?

Write code, including CMDB, task scheduling, process system, DB management, log analysis

5. Python has few exercises on the Internet, so where do you need to practice in order to achieve 100 lines of code a day?

There are many online online judges that support Python language, such as:

Tyvj is commonly used by senior high school students in noip, is a Chinese website

Leetcode OJ I often hear about:

Online OJ of Zhejiang University: 2000 questions, support mainstream languages including / python

Sphere online judge abroad: supports almost any language

Another source is the title of the book, recommended: cookbook and a byte of Python

6. What’s a good way to use Python as a GUI application?

Pyqt is recommended. Anyone who has used QT to develop C + + GUI program knows it.

7. There are many versions of Python. Different versions are needed for different projects, and multiple environments need to be prepared. How to do version management?

You can use pyenv to manage the python environment. No matter how many versions there are, it’s OK, and never move the python environment of the system. Many programs depend on the python environment of the system

8. What are the skills of Python interview?

The interview still depends on the foundation and programming skills. For example, the following interview questions are a great test of skills:

  • Implement a stack
  • Stack application, bracket matching detection
  • Analysis of four operations: priority, bracket, bracket, brace
  • Write a regular engine

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Python automation operation and maintenance

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Python automation operation and maintenance

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