Pyqt5 GUI & & requests API makes a weather query system (get the complete code at the end of the text)


Before understanding, let’s check the effect of the completed desktop application. In fact, the function is relatively simple. It is to pyqt5 make a desktop application and request to be associated with the open source weather query API through the requests network, so as to complete the whole application. Let’s learn about it through a simple video!


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Write a function init_ UI () is used to lay out the UI interface of the application:

'' UI interface processing function '' '
    def init_ui(self):
        self. Setwindowtitle ('urban weather query system ')

        Grid = qgridlayout() # initialize grid layout

        self. solr_ line_ Text = qlineedit() # initializes the search content input box
        self. solr_ line_ text. Setplaceholdertext ('enter city name ') # sets the default content
        self. solr_ line_ text. Setfocus() # mouse focus

        self. query_ Button = QPushButton ('query ') # initialize query button
        self.query_button.clicked.connect(lambda: self.query_button_click(self.solr_line_text))

        self. res_ Text = qtextedit() # initializes the text input box
        self. res_ text. Setplaceholdertext ('query result display area... '# initializes the prompt content
        self. res_ text. Setreadonly (true) # sets the read-only mode

        '' add content to layout '' '
        grid.addWidget(self.solr_line_text, 0, 0)
        grid.addWidget(self.query_button, 0, 1)
        grid.addWidget(self.res_text, 1, 0, 1, 2)


Write a slot function and send the query button signal to the slot function to bind the button to the function.

def query_button_click(self,solr_line_text):
        Weather query button binding function (slot function)
        :param solr_line_text:
        if solr_line_text.text():
            text = solr_line_text.text()

            warn_dialog = QDialog()
            warn_ dialog. Setwindowtitle ('warning ')

            warn_label_text = QLabel(warn_dialog)
            warn_ label_ text. Settext ('Please enter city name! ')


Next, send the network request through the requests module.


Hidden benefits: reply to the “weather query system” in the official account to obtain the complete code.


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