Pycharm automatically generates file comments and function comments


1. Document notes

File -> settings -> Editor -> File and Code Templates -> Python Script
Pycharm provides a function of automatically generating file header comments in new files. It can automatically generate necessary information such as running environment, author and date. It is convenient to use and simple to configure.
Follow the path options in 1-5. Fill in the desired comments in 5.
My template:

# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
@File    :   ${NAME}.py   
@Contact :   [email protected]
@License :   (C)Copyright 2018-2021
@Modify Time      @Author    @Version    @Desciption
------------      -------    --------    -----------
${DATE} ${TIME}      1.0         None

2. Function notes

Automatically generate function comments, including parameters and return values.
When defining a function, enter three double quotation marks directly and press enter, for example:

def a(b,c):

On another line, enter three quotation marks and press enter

def a(b,c):


def a(b,c):
:param b:
:param c:

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