Pychar Chinese installation and permanent activation detailed tutorial (reliable)


Pychar official download address: After entering the website, we will see the following interface:

Professional means that the professional version pays, while community refers to the community version. Free cracking is, of course, a professional version.

After downloading, open the installation package, click next, enter the figure below, and check all.

Create desktop shortcut to create a desktop shortcut based on whether the computer is a 32-bit or 64 bit system. Check whether create associations is associated with a file. If you select open. Py file, it will be opened with pychar.

Install by default. Click Install directly, and then wait for about two minutes patiently, as shown in the following figure:

The interface after the installation is as follows, which will let you choose “restart now” or “restart later”. Choose “restart now” or “restart later”, I choose “restart later”, choose “restart now” or “restart later”, I choose “restart later”

If it has not been installed before, select “do not import settings”

Enter the “License Agreement” interface and select “agree”

I’m used to black themes

Activate pychar, select activate, and then select activation code. Enter the activation code in the edit box.

Note here: if the Chinese version is not made, it can only be activated for a few months. It will be invalid and needs to be reactivated. Make the Chinese version, can activate permanent, time to 2089.

In order to activate the permanent, we have to continue to activate the Chinese version of pychar.

1. Open to find pycharm.exe.vmoptions Or pychar 64 exe.vmoptions , open it in Notepad.

2. Add the following text to the last line, as shown in the figure above:

-Javaagent: installation path: JetBrains- agent.jar

And replace the pychar address on your computer with the four words of the installation path, and save it

3. Copy these two folders from the installation package file I organized

4. Open the pychar 2019.1.1 folder and paste the two folders.

5. Restart pychar, because it needs to be reactivated after re sinicizing. At this time, you need to enter the corresponding activation code in the localization package to activate it permanently.

The activation mode is the same as before.

6. Click OK and you can see that it has been successfully activated until 2089

And pycharm has been successfully translated into Chinese!

If we have not downloaded the Python interpreter before, we have to download the Python interpreter, otherwise pychar is just a compiler shell. Go to the official Python website:

Click downloads to enter the download selection interface. As shown below, select the python version number we need to download it

After the download is completed, you can install it as a fool.

We want to add the python parser directory to the environment variable, as shown in the following figure:

After the configuration is completed, restart pychar and the program can be run

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