PXE installs windows system, pxe-e55: ProxyDhcp service did not reply to request on port 4011


This pxe-e55“Error Representation PXEThe client has addressed port 4011Agent on DHCPThe server sends the request.No reply was received. It seems only in DHCPDHCP is set up on the serverClass identifier option #60,But there is no port 4011 on the same computer.Up-running agent DHCPWhen serving,Only then will this problem arise.

If you operate DHCP on different computersAnd proxy DHCPService,Please do not be in DHCP60 in configurationSetting up DHCPClass identifier option,And let these two services on port 67 / UDPRun on.

If DHCP is operated on the same computerAnd proxy DHCPService,In DHCPConfiguration #60Setting up DHCPClass identifier option. Let DHCPService at port 67/udpRun onAnd at port 40111 UDPUp-running agent DHCPService.

Below is an English link on this issue.


At the same time, you can restart WDSService.

Please make sure that you have checked this:

Create for x64 BIOS onlyWhen the computer’s operating system is deployed, x64Start the image and x64Starting the image must be at all DPSAll of them are available.

My experimental environment

VMWARE, client and server use VMware 8 (Nat) network, shut down the use of local DHCP services


Server win-2008: DHCP (, DNS (www.feiquan.net), WDS server, domain is feiquan.com (

After the client is configured, start from PXE: prompt error: ProxyDhcp service did not reply to request on port 4011



  If Windows Deployment Services and DHCP are running on the same computer, configuring Windows Deployment Services to not respond to any client computers will not work. This is because although Windows Deployment Services will not respond, DHCP will. You can try to work around this issue by disabling DHCP option 60 on the DHCP tab

   The main problem is DHCP configuration error. To add 60,67 boot x64 wdsnbp.com, because my DHCP is the same computer as the WDS server, and then restart the WDS server.

Server side:

DHCP Server Configuration

DNS Server:

WDS Server:


If the above DHCP has been modified after 60,67, restart the WDS server, DHCP server. In this way, the client will request recognition again. If you do not reboot, you will always be prompted for the above errors even after you modify the configuration. I restarted the computer directly to solve the problem.





Reference website:

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