Pure CSS to achieve the function of √ in the lower right corner after selecting goods


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CSS pseudo class click the bottom right corner to appear a diagonal sign, indicating the selected sample codehttps://www.jb51.net/css/731762.html




1. Use pseudo element selector to add content.
2. Using wide border to achieve the background effect of √
3. Using transparent border to remove the redundant background color.
4. The √ sign is located in the right place by using the position of the son and the father.

CSS code:

              color: @theme;
              border: 0.02rem solid @theme;
              position: relative;
              transition: all 0.5s ease;
            &.selected::after {
              content: '✔';
              display: block;
              height: 0px;
              width: 0px;
              position: absolute;
              bottom: 0;
              right: 0;
              /**Check size*/
              font-size: 10px;
              line-height: 8px;
              border: 10px solid;
              border-color: transparent #4884ff #4884ff transparent;


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