Proxmox ve modifying IP address


Proxmox VE is a set of open source virtualization management software. Users can manage virtual machines running on the server using KVM and LxC technology through web pages. At the same time, it provides support for some advanced functions, such as cluster, ha, etc.

After the system is installed, the IP address may need to be modified for more practical needs.

Because proxmox is based on Debian, we can modify the configuration file to change the IP. There are three in total.

Use the root account to log in, use the shell in the web interface or use SSH to operate directly.

1. Enter the command nano  / etc/network/interfaces

Move up, down, left and right to the IP address in the address line through the keyboard, use insert to enter the modification status and modify it to a new IP address. If a gateway is required, modify the gateway line. After the modification is confirmed to be correct, use Ctrl + O to save, and then Ctrl + X to exit.



2. Enter the command nano  / etc/hosts

Do the same as the previous step, modify the old IP address, then save and exit.



3. Enter the command nano  / etc/issue

The same as the first step, modify the old IP address, then save and exit.


4. Reboot, restart PvE and log in with the new address.