[project sharing] JSP + servlet + jdbc to realize the background management system of auto repair in the cloud


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Project brief introduction

Project source: https://gitee.com/chenlinsir/clouddemo-servlet

Difficulty level: simple

Be based onJSP+Servlet+JdbcThe background management system of automobile repair in cloud. Less technology involved, easy to understand, suitable forJava Web beginnerLearn to use.

Difficulty level: simple

Technology stack


Eclipse Version: 2019-12 (4.14.0)

front-end technology

Basic: HTML + CSS + JavaScript
Frame: jQuery + layui

back-end technology

Database: MySQL 5.7.27 (for personal test)
JDK version: 1.8.0 µ (for personal test)
Tomcat version: 8.5.34 (for personal testing)

Local operation

Eclipse environment preparation

1. New JDK in eclipse
2. New Tomcat in eclipse

Import project

  1. Download zip to decompress directly or execute clone command after installing Git
git clone https://gitee.com/chenlinSir/CloudDemo-servlet.git
  1. Open the project using eclipse, configure JDK, Tomcat, and the required jar package.
    The jar package that the project depends on is in the webcontent / WEB-INF / lib folder.
  2. Copy the contents of clouddermos.sql file and paste it into Navicat to run.
  3. Modify the database related content in the com.cloud.util.conn class.
  4. Publish to tomcat, http: / / localhost: 8080 / clouddermos as the home page.
    Initial account: admain initial password: 123456

Be careful

  • The project does not declare mysql, JDK and Tomcat versions. The above version numbers are personal test versions
  • Be carefulModify the database related content in the com.cloud.util.conn class

Project screenshots



  • This project is collected in gitee. I just explain the use of technology, points of attention and start-up methods to help you learn and communicate.
  • If you can’t download the project through the gitee address or it can’t work normally, you can send me a private message and I will help you free of charge.

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