Programming anywhere, anytime, GitHub app is finally here!


Guide: as a world-famous same-sex dating platform in many people’s eyes, GitHub open source and private software project hosting platform announced today that it will launch IOS version and Android version of mobile applications, so that the gods can view code, merge changes and share operations anytime and anywhere.
Of course, as a “dating platform”, it is more important to facilitate the communication at any time and place. Although GitHub says that it is to make it convenient for you to work on your mobile phone and keep in touch with your team, etc.

In addition to the GitHub mobile app, GitHub announced several important announcements today.
Programming anywhere, anytime, GitHub app is finally here!

According to foreign media wired, at the GitHub University Conference in San Francisco recently, GitHub announced that it would release official Android and IOS applications, enabling developers to reply to users’ questions, read error reports, and assign problems to other developers through mobile phones.

As usual, in order to make it easier for developers to write code, GitHub has released a number of major updates, including the official application of GitHub actions, the testing of new GitHub packages, the redesigned notification experience, and the release of GitHub mobile version.

It’s the “world’s largest same-sex social network” that makes our programmers cheer and excited. It’s the app that lets developers write down “inspiration” anytime, anywhere!

The birth of mobile GitHub

Since its birth in 2008, the development of GitHub has almost kept pace with that of smart phones, so it’s a puzzle for the outside world that there is no app of its own for this community website with more than 40 million developers. In fact, the reason is very simple. The most suitable environment for program development is desktop or laptop, so GitHub has always existed in the form of website.

Why develop mobile now?

In response, Kelly stirman, vice president of strategy and product marketing at GitHub, said, “because over the years, we finally have enough resources and capabilities to do it in the right way.”

In GitHub’s view, every line of code that a programmer knocks down is actually a process of collaboration and interaction with countless other contributors, so it always hopes to improve the real-time interaction between programmers in the community, and thus improve the development efficiency of the project, so the role of app is here – so that developers can reply to user’s problems, read error reports and divide problems through mobile phones Assign to other developers to optimize the code as soon as possible.

GitHub app features

Programming anywhere, anytime, GitHub app is finally here!

Since the mobile GitHub is built as a native application, it can automatically adapt to different screen sizes, or even adapt to the dark mode according to your system preferences.

The mobile version of GitHub now has a beta version of IOS and will be available on Android. Sign up for GitHub mobile Preview:

Programming anywhere, anytime, GitHub app is finally here!
Programming anywhere, anytime, GitHub app is finally here!
Programming anywhere, anytime, GitHub app is finally here!

GitHub on mobile devices will allow users to receive notifications of ongoing open source or private projects, merge pull requests, submit new issues, or add code to the repository. App also has features such as favorites, recent, pinned, etc. to facilitate users to mark items of interest.

“I bet that more than half of the interactions on GitHub in five years will be on mobile devices,” NAT Friedman, GitHub’s chief executive, said at a news conference. “It’s a bit like improving the GitHub experience,” said Dana Lawson, vice president of engineering at GitHub. “With mobile devices, you can manage, classify, and clear notifications, collaborate on pull requests, and receive push notifications when they’re mentioned directly.”

This year GitHub has also brought some new features.

At last year’s developer conference, GitHub announced a beta version of GitHub actions. A year later, it officially brought this new feature. GitHub actions is a way to create and share automated generation of software development, including fully continuous integration and continuous delivery or CI / CD solutions for Devops and native package management.

At present, more than 1200 community developed workflows are available in GitHub marketplace, and the list grows rapidly. Contributors include Amazon Web Services Inc., Google LLC, hashicorp, twilio Inc., etc. GitHub also announced free use of self hosted running programs, artifact caching, and the ability to run actions on ARM based architectures such as raspberry PI.

Other capabilities include semantic code navigation for all ruby, python, and go repositories; the ability to plan to pull request reminders; and the ability to assign code reviews to specific team members. The GitHub client will also provide an improved notification experience to help developers quickly process requests for teamwork.
Programming anywhere, anytime, GitHub app is finally here!

“With GitHub sponsors, developers can help each other directly from their daily workflow,” said Devon zuegel, Senior Product Manager at GitHub

It’s worth mentioning that GitHub hasn’t been under Microsoft’s leadership for a long time (it was acquired with us $7.5 billion in June 2018). GitHub said that the development of mobile app had nothing to do with Microsoft, and it had already started before it was acquired, but it did provide more space for it to rely on Microsoft

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