Programmer’s Guide to mechanical keyboard


Programmer's Guide to mechanical keyboard

As a keyboard man (Programmer) who often interacts with the keyboard, having a practical mechanical keyboard can greatly improve the coding efficiency and programming experience. As an old coder, he has used many kinds of mechanical keyboards. No matter how good the scissors keyboard of MAC is, there is no comparability between the experience and the mechanical keyboard. This paper mainly introduces some common types and characteristics of mechanical keyboard to help beginners get started with mechanical keyboard.

Why do I have to use a mechanical keyboard

There are two main types of keyboard

Film keyboard

The top membrane is supported by a frame, and its bottom is coated with some conductive material. There are some disconnected conductive materials in the bottom layer. When the top layer film is pressed down, resulting in two-layer contact, the circuit is connected. In order to pursue lightweight, most notebook keyboards adopt this kind of similar structure, which is optimized on this basis, such as the Mac’s scissors structure. One disadvantage of this keyboard is its short service life, which is usually only a few million times.

Programmer's Guide to mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboard

Each key consists of an independent micro switch (commonly known as “axis”)

Programmer's Guide to mechanical keyboard

From the perspective of structure, it can be seen that the key stroke (key distance) of mechanical keyboard is long, and the sense of key paragraph is strong. At the same time, due to the full mechanical structure, the overall weight of the keyboard is larger than that of the ordinary keyboard (it’s a little heavy to carry), the relative cost is higher, and the service life can reach more than 50 million times. Keycaps can usually be removed individually for cleaning.

A longer bond range can be very goodAvoid input errors and improve efficiencyThis is my direct feeling after using the mechanical keyboard. It’s usually faster to type the code, so it’s inevitable that the input errors need to be deleted. Because the mechanical keyboard keys are long, even if the finger touch is a bit misplaced, there is enough space to adjust through the finger touch feedback, so that the input errors are greatly reduced. At the same time, it’s easy to form the key position adaptation for long-term typing. The more you use, the more skilled you are.

Notebook or ordinary film keyboardThe key stroke is too short, and the key feeling is weakThe feedback time of hand feeling is too short, so it is easy to click by mistake, leading to wrong input. If you need to use the keyboard for a long time, the mechanical keyboard can help you to improve your typing efficiency.

Main axis of mechanical keyboard

The main mechanical keyboards on the market are all usedCherryThe company’s MX axis (patent protection has ended), mainly has the following types

Programmer's Guide to mechanical keyboard

Black axis

It has heavy hand feeling, straight up and down buttons, no pause feeling and strong rebound force, which is more suitable for E-sports scenes (fast hand speed and high response times of buttons per unit time). For E-sports players, if you use the membrane keyboard, the first button may not rebound when you press the key for the second time( be careful! The sound of the black axis button may be loud, and it may turn into a keyboard man, like the one in the hand of emperor glory Dianwei.)

Green axis

This is the shaft with the most mechanical keyboard features. The key pressing experience is similar to that of an old typewriter. There is a sense of pause during the key pressing process, which is a bit like the feeling of pressing a ballpoint pen. This shaft has the highest typing efficiency (there is a sense of feedback when the key does not touch the bottom, leaving feedback time for the key pressing process), but there is a sound of ticking when typing, Of course, it’s a little lower than the black axis (but no matter how light you press it, it will make a sound).

Programmer's Guide to mechanical keyboard

Red axis

This kind of shaft body can be said to be the weakening version of black shaft, which is also straight up and down, but the springback is softer and has less characteristics.

Tea axis

It is between the red axis and the green axis. There is slight feedback when pressing the button down. The rebound is similar to the red axis experience. The sound is very small. It is more suitable for use in a quiet environment to avoid disturbing others.

Which shaft body should be chosen?

I think it mainly depends on the use scene and environment. Black axis has the best experience in playing games, but the sound is loud. If you use black axis in the dormitory, you are likely to have no friends (like green axis, commonly known as roommate happy axis or dormitory death axis). Red axis has less characteristics. Green axis has the most sense of key feedback and high input efficiency, but it can’t avoid making sound. Tea axis has less sound. I use the green axis at home (feel good), and the tea axis in the company (avoid disturbing others with sound), mainly used to write code. If you are a novice, it is recommended to choose the universal axis (tea axis), or go to the physical store to experience the feeling of buttons.

Other considerations

Consumer groups pay more and more attention to personalized customization, key cap, backlight, layout, shape, price is also one of the factors to consider when buying. For example, the following items:

Key cap

Pikachu custom (cherry) ¥ 2000+

Programmer's Guide to mechanical keyboard

Cherry ¥ 1600+

Programmer's Guide to mechanical keyboard

Programmer's Guide to mechanical keyboard


Programmer's Guide to mechanical keyboard

Layout (with or without number keys, direction keys, additional function keys)

Cherry game keyboard ¥ 1200+

Programmer's Guide to mechanical keyboard

Hhkb concise version ¥ 2300 + (long life, known as the programmer’s last keyboard)

Programmer's Guide to mechanical keyboard


The price of the above mechanical keyboard is slightly higher, and the average student party may not be able to afford it, but if you want to experience the efficiency improvement brought by the mechanical keyboard, 100-200 ¥ You can also buy a mechanical keyboard with good experience at around the price. You can find it by visiting some treasure or goudong

reference material

How to create a popular keyboard?

Mechanical keyboard type (fromWikipedia

Shaft type Bond range Trigger stroke Paragraph itinerary Trigger sound
MX blue 4-0.5mm 2.2±0.6 mm 1.75mm yes
MX green 4-0.5mm 2.2±0.6 mm 1.75mm yes
Milk shaft (MX white) 4-0.5mm 2.2±0.6 mm 2mm Yes (smaller)
MX Brown 4-0.4mm 2±0.6 mm 1.25mm Yes (smaller)
White axis (MX clear) 4-0.5mm 2±0.6 mm 1.25mm nothing
MX red 4-0.4mm 2±0.6 mm nothing nothing
MX black 4-0.4mm 2±0.6 mm nothing nothing
MX linear grey 4-0.4mm 2±0.6 mm nothing nothing
MX orange 4-0.05mm 1.9±0.4 mm
MX yellow 3.5mm 1.2±0.3 mm
MX Silver 3.4mm 1.2±0.4 mm
MX purple 4-0.0 1.5±mm

Finally ~

Have an efficient mechanical keyboard, but also with a keyboard friendly notes, WYSIWYG, can avoid repeated mouse operation, efficient and simple

Programmer's Guide to mechanical keyboard

Markdown notes that a programmer uses,Codeway notes, the best friend of developersWelcome to experience.

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