Programmers also have a test guide? The number of GitHub stars has exceeded 9000


“Ah Qiang in the back end was admitted to a civil servant in a first tier city. Ah Zhen in the front end entered a public institution 10 minutes away from home. I worked as a teacher in Colleges and universities in my hometown Province: we all have a bright future.”

Recently, a “programmer’s test guide” project on GitHub was popular. This project was created by three programmers who successfully landed. After their group test was successful, they wrote this guide for programmers who also want to enter the system.

The project has been hot since its establishment on January 2. Today, it has harvested 9.3k star.

Programmers also have a test guide? The number of GitHub stars has exceeded 9000

Determined to get rid of 996, the three formed a group to prepare for the exam and successfully landed

In 2020, eight of the top ten majors are related to computers, and programmers have undoubtedly become a popular choice for employment. Not to mention kaogong, he is not only the “iron rice bowl” in the eyes of his parents, but also more and more young people take the initiative to choose a stable job.

Art, a Qiang and a Zhen, the founders of the project, entered a large Internet factory in 2017 and directly entered the 996 gate from the school gate. After more than a year of programmer career, art decided to get rid of this life, so he chose kaogong.

In fact, when art graduated, like many young people, he didn’t like the life of “looking to the end at a glance”. He was born in a dual working family within the system. His experience of listening to his mother’s gossip about the unit and participating in his father’s smoky dinner party made art not a good impression of this kind of work as a civil servant. So after hearing the temptation of senior brother’s high salary, he decisively began self-study programming, and successfully entered the Internet factory after graduating from university.

At the beginning of his work, art was full of passion. He was greatly satisfied when he watched the lines of code typed by his hands run. However, the long-term high-intensity work from 6:00 to 10:00 makes him physically and mentally tired. In addition, he has been cut off for more than a year. Looking at the optimization of the big brother who has been leading himself, he seems to see himself 10 years later.

For the sake of his health and more time with his family, art and his two little partners decided to prepare for the exam.

It is very difficult to balance work and preparation for the exam. Not only is the time tight, but also the family and friends around can’t understand. After more than a year of on-the-job preparation for the exam, the three of them went ashore. Art returned to his hometown and became a college teacher. Ah Qiang went to the first tier cities and became a civil servant. Ah Zhen entered a public institution close to home.

Art: life after landing is so sweet!

After landing successfully, they decided to put their experience on GitHub, hoping to give some help to more programmers who want to choose again.

On GitHub, they listed in detail the precautions for the exam, including not only the question types and answering skills, but also many precautions for preparing for the exam, including what kind of clothes to wear for the interview.
At the same time, art also gives a timetable for his on-the-job preparation:

Programmers also have a test guide? The number of GitHub stars has exceeded 9000

The three successful programmers have summed up a lot of experience from their own experience and think that kaogong is a good way for programmers. First of all, the cost of public examination is not high, which is easier than starting a business or simply changing careers. Take a Qiang as an example. A Qiang‘s civil servants in the first tier cities who landed only spent the money to withdraw from the interview class from beginning to end. There was no need to pay the registration fee for that exam, and the test site was located in the city where he worked at that time.

Art suggested that programmers with the idea of public examination should prepare as soon as possible, because many positions in the public examination of computer major can be registered, and most computer major students may choose to be programmers. If they go ashore early, they can have more room for development in the system.

Art described his life after landing like this: “it’s so fragrant!”.

After entering the office, he finally had time to adjust his body. Through exercise and customized recipes, he quickly lost more than 20 kilograms and returned to his weight in college. In terms of income, art said that the money he can save every month is similar to that when he was a programmer. Although he doesn’t earn as much as before, he can make more rational consumption choices and save a lot of unnecessary expenses after he is away from the pressure and fast-paced life.

Art concluded that now he basically doesn’t work overtime. Although 965’s work is not as interesting as writing code, he has a lot of fun in life and likes self driving and fishing.

Everyone has different career choices and acceptable work intensity. How to choose your future needs careful consideration. If the profession of programmer really can’t meet your needs, it’s a good thing to have more choices.

Everyone should say hello world to the world in his own way!

Programmers also have a test guide? The number of GitHub stars has exceeded 9000