Program Xiaobai takes part in “learn rust, get raspberry pie for free”“


Daily learning status:

Because of lack of experience, I downloaded rust first, and then downloaded VMware player
. and then download itUbuntu
Later I found that I wanted to download trust in Ubuntu
. there was an error downloading trustProgram Xiaobai takes part in
I searched Baidu and found itA blog
. start to install curl, found that there are still various problems and errorsProgram Xiaobai takes part in
So I found it on the Internetterms of settlementProgram Xiaobai takes part in
Choose to use the first method, replaced with administrator permissions
So I continued to install curl, and another error occurredProgram Xiaobai takes part in
I’m tired, too much trouble, mainly lack of experience
So I run apt get as prompted
Then I update curl, sudo apt get update
. run apt install curl and finally install successfully
. then run curl — proto ‘= HTTPS’ — tlsv1.2 – SSF | sh
Finally, it shows that the download is in progress.