Program compilation


  • The essence of procedure
  • The development of programming language
  • Essential differences of programming languages note

The essence of procedure

  • Compiler transforms program code into CPU instruction / machine code;
  • Instructions are loaded into memory;
  • CPU reads / writes memory;
  • The CPU controls the hardware of the computer

CPU is an important component of CPU

  • Register, information storage
  • Arithmetic unit, information processing
  • The controller controls other devices to work

Memory & register

Memory and registers can be used to store things, but the registers are in the CPU, and the CPU can access it faster.

Examples of memory and register calls:
Calculation of data

int a = 1;
int b = a + 1

a. B is stored in the memory, the data will be sent to the register for calculation (+ 1), and then returned to the memory.

The development of programming language

  1. machine language
  2. assembly language
  3. high-level language
  • Assembly language and machine language are one-to-one correspondence, and each machine instruction has its corresponding assembly instruction;
  • The compilation was adoptedcompileGet machine language, machine language throughDisassemblyGet assembly language;
  • High level language can be compiled into assembly language / machine language, but assembly language / machine language can hardly be restored to high level language;
  • High level language can’t access register directly;

Essential differences of programming languages

JS / PHP code will eventually be converted into machine code, but you can’t see the machine code; the engine blocks these details.
Java is converted to bytecode and loaded by the JVM

  • Compiler language
    – C / C++ / OC / Swift
    -Easy to disassemble

  • Compiler language (virtual machine dependent)
    – Java / Ruby
    -Java is loaded bytecode by JVM
    -Virtual machine can be seen as a small operating system

  • scripting language
    – Python / JS / PHP
    -PHP is parsed by Ze (Zend engine)

Compiler language requires all pairs to be executed;
Script language is to scan and execute line by line. If there is an error in a certain line, it will continue to execute in the front and not in the back. It’s less efficient than compiled languages because it’s run time.

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