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Original text: Mastering tensorflow 1. X

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  • Proficient in tensorflow 1. X
  • 1、 Tensorflow 101
  • 2、 Tensorflow advanced library
  • 3、 Keras 101
  • 4、 Classical machine learning using tensorflow
  • 5、 Neural network and MLP using tensorflow and keras
  • 6、 RNN using tensorflow and keras
  • 7、 Time series data and RNN using tensorflow and keras
  • 8、 Text data and RNN using tensorflow and keras
  • 9、 CNN using tensorflow and keras
  • 10、 Self encoder using tensorflow and keras
  • 11、 TF service: tensorflow model in production
  • 12、 Transfer learning and pre training model
  • 13、 Intensive learning
  • 14、 Generate countermeasure network
  • 15、 Distributed model using tensorflow cluster
  • 16、 Tensorflow model on mobile and embedded platforms
  • 17、 Tensorflow and keras in R
  • 18、 Debugging tensorflow model
  • 19、 Tensor processing unit

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