Problems after rdpguard 6.1.7


Rdpguard is a software to protect the RDP port of remote desktop from violent guessing. Here are some problems in using RDP guard:

1. It seems that in rdpguard version 6.1.7 or later, enabling IP cloud will automatically add a large number of IP segments to the block list, which is a big hole. Fortunately, I have other ways to log in to this machine, as shown in the attached figure;

2. In rdpguard 6.3.7 (latest version), a large number of IPS will report local IP address skipped, which can not play a protective effect;

3. Rdpguard 6.1.7 when the user logs in, there is a problem with the custom actions, which sometimes fails. Restart the service and restore it;

4. It is recommended to use the most stable rdpguard 5.4.9, although there is no new function such as IP cloud;

5. RDS Knight’s home guard function is also good, but the software can only enable the non security mode RDP, and can’t protect rdp-tls.