Problem of Python reading gsmap data



Recently, some remote sensing images of gsmap need to be processed. Gsmap is the most important high-resolution precipitation product in the era of global precipitation plan (GPM). You need to apply for downloading, and then download it through FTP address. After downloading it, open it with ENVI and find that there is no header file. After customizing the header file, the image is extremely strange. It’s probably like the following. It’s really not in line with your imagination. If any students know what’s going on, I hope you can tell me. Thank you. Now I’m going to convert to TIF format in Python.

Problem of Python reading gsmap data

Python Library

Glob: is a module related to file operation. It supports wildcard operation. It can be used to find files that meet certain conditions. Here, it is used to find ". Dat" files in batch

Function description

Glob.glob: used to select ". Dat" format file

Complete code

#!/ usr/bin/env python

final result

Finally, the grid data of gsmap is obtained, and the example results are shown in the figure below.

Problem of Python reading gsmap data

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