Problem analysis of failed to create JVM started by ideago


Problem situation

What did you do before it appeared

Before the error, an error VM parameter was added through this function:- agent:xxx.jar

What should I do?

Baidu has made a circle, all of which are deleted:Disk C, user, user name, intellijidea2019.3, config, idea64 exe.vmoptions

However, I do not have this document here. I can’t understand it. I’ve tried various ways, such as reloading, but I still can’t use it.

Thinking about it:

1. This is obviously a configuration file under a user, so it must be the configuration file used at the user level. It is useless to change the configuration file under idea.

2. Obviously, it’s because I’ve modified the VM parameters. Some schemes on the Internet delete the configuration files of users, which must have something to do with the configuration files. Just find out.

3. There is this bat file in the go installation directory, which is obviously used to start idea go

4. Open the bat and add parameters to print.

:: GoLand startup script.
: obviously, this is a script to start idea, omitting part of the script
:: ---------------------------------------------------------------------
:: Run the IDE.
:: ---------------------------------------------------------------------
: here is my modified part. Print out the startup parameters
"%JAVA_EXE%" %ALL_JVM_ARGS% -cp "%CLASS_PATH%" com.intellij.idea.Main %*

5. After modification, start the script in CMD and print the following contents:

6. So far, the solution has been: it clearly states the VM configuration file address. :-Djb.vmOptionsFile=”xxxxxx”

terms of settlement:

Modification- Djb.vmOptionsFile=xxx The configuration file in the corresponding path. Remove the wrong VM parameter.

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