Private book list of Alibaba technologists and developers


Introduction:Under the background of rapid change and uncertainty, embracing change has become the norm. How to deal with and break the situation? Through reading, continuous learning, continuous improvement, may be one of the lowest cost, the most efficient way.

Private book list of Alibaba technologists and developers

By Ali Mei
Source: Ali technical official account

Under the background of rapid change and uncertainty, embracing change has become the norm. How to deal with and break the situation?

Through reading, continuous learning, continuous improvement, may be one of the lowest cost, the most efficient way.

Recently, it is world reading day, which aims to promote people’s enjoyment of reading. We hope that people will respect and thank the literature, culture, science and thinkers who have made great contributions to human civilization. To this end, alimei specially invited Ali technology experts to share their reading experience and good books, and also collected more shared book lists from technology developers.

I hope to read more books and read good books with you. Besides busy daily work, I can still enjoy the fun of reading, continue to learn and improve.

List of recommended books by Ali technical experts

Recommended by: Zhang Jianfei, senior technical expert of Alibaba MMC Technology Department

Private book list of Alibaba technologists and developers

Personal profile: he is the most influential author of it books published by people’s post and Telecommunications Publishing House in 20 years. ATA’s best author of the year for three consecutive years, new retail technology 20 fiscal year “ultimate ingenuity” award. The author of open source application framework Cola (clean object oriented and layered architecture).

Principle of pyramids by Barbara Minto

The book is known as the Bible of structured thinking and is listed as a must read book for consulting industry, which shows its “quack status”. The book teaches us that it’s crucial to build a clear structure before you can express, think, and write (code) clearly. This structure can be decomposed from the central argument from top to bottom; It can also be concluded from the bottom-up information. It takes on the shape of a pyramid.

The road to code improvement: from code farmer to craftsman by Zhang Jianfei

This is a book specially written for programmers. Since its publication, the book has received general praise and has been rated as the best it book in 2020 by the people’s Posts and Telecommunications Publishing House. The book on how to name, how to write functions, how to abstract, how to model, how to do application architecture and other content is a certain universality. For many programmers who have been “looking down” for a long time, this book can let you see the future without “looking up”.

Recommender: Ziyi Ali data center front end technology expert

Private book list of Alibaba technologists and developers

Personal profile: technical people know a little bit about business, and their marginal income is particularly large. It is especially recommended that you learn some knowledge of economics and business in your spare time. Economics emphasizes theory and business emphasizes practice. The theory you learn in economics may be slapped in the face by business cases immediately. This does not mean that learning is futile. Recognizing the complexity of society is the first lesson to step into society.

Author of smart business: Zeng Ming

Zeng Ming, former chief of general staff of Alibaba, wrote that there are many key words in the book, such as “superposition of three waves”, “network collaboration”, “data intelligence”, “creativity revolution”, “Internet red”, “Internet X”, etc., behind which is the deep thinking of “business evolution logic”. After reading it, you will understand which are the unchanging underlying logic and which are the evolving business models. Grasping the changing and unchanging will help you better understand business.

“Refresh” by Satya NADELLA

Satya NADELLA, the current CEO of Microsoft, helped Microsoft break through the trillion market value. The reason behind that is in the book. The key words in the book are “Empathy”, “cultural change” and “growth thinking”. These concepts sound simple, but it’s not easy to be frozen in a day. Only by constantly understanding and re understanding can you understand the true meaning. I hope this book can gradually cultivate your empathy and growth thinking.

From 0 to 1 by Peter Thiel

Written by Peter Thiel, the founder of PayPal, the first sentence of this book is “there is only one chance in business”, which is one of the basic principles of business. Business is not physics, there is no necessary causal relationship, only innovation is the driving engine of success.

Recommender: Xu Xiaobin, senior technical expert of Alibaba cloud intelligence

Private book list of Alibaba technologists and developers

Personal profile: the author of Maven is engaged in middleware R & D, micro service architecture, serverless and cloud native R & D platform in Ali.

The way of programmer cultivation by David Thomas / Andrew Hunt

On world reading day, I would like to recommend two books that I like very much. The first book is “the way to cultivate programmers”, which is a classic in the programmer’s list. Some programming principles that you usually hear about, such as dry principle, broken window theory, contract oriented design, etc., are all originally from this book. It was more than ten years ago that I read the first edition of this book, and I couldn’t put it down at that time. Recently, I read the second edition and found that there were many updates. I was very surprised.

The castle by Franz Kafka

Another book I would like to recommend is Kafka’s castle. In this novel published nearly a hundred years ago, Kafka fables the disappearance of modern people’s sense of unconsciousness, social machinability and personal dignity. In today’s era when social machinability is far beyond Kafka’s imagination, Kafka keeps thinking about meaning and pursuing dignity, It’s very important to me.

Recommender: senior expert of Xiaoyi alicloud product ecological technology

Private book list of Alibaba technologists and developers

Personal profile: seven years of Ali people, after flying pigs, entertainment, and then to alicloud, all the way from 2c to 2B. Lifelong learners have their own opinions on personal growth practice and like to share and write. Currently, they are responsible for the construction of ecological technology system in Alibaba cloud product ecological management department.

How to read a book by Mortimer J. Adler / Charles van Doren

This is a book written to enhance readers’ understanding, and it is also a book that can be used for a lifetime. The author recommends that without any external help, we should only rely on our inner strength, ponder over words and sentences, and gradually improve ourselves, and define this as the art of reading, because it is the link between readers’ self and the world. If you want to open a dialogue with the world, this is a must read book. The recommended index is 5 stars.

Seven habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey

Some books can be tasted, some books are to be eaten alive, only a few books need to be chewed and digested. This is a book that needs to be chewed and digested. This book helped me to open up self change and continuous iteration. The principles in the book can be used in all aspects of life, work and personal growth. Deliberate training along the seven habits, awareness process, examination based on the results, re thinking and precipitation, cognitive practice, repeated confirmation and re cognition can make you have a comprehensive improvement. The recommended index is 5 stars.

Recommender: Lu Lin, Alibaba cloud technology expert

Private book list of Alibaba technologists and developers

Personal profile: I have worked as a chip, big data, QA veteran, Devops drummer, fresh powder of native cloud computing, and have been engaged in cloud database and open source data warehouse service in recent two years.

Wang Xiaobo: trilogy of times — golden age, silver age and Bronze Age

I can write, Wang Xiaobo, Wang Xiaobo, Wang Xiaobo. Bold thoughts, critical spirit and humorous writing style are everywhere in Xiaobo’s novels. There is no literati like self pity, but more spiritual freedom and tenacity. When science students start to engage in literature, there is nothing romantic about it. It is romantic in itself( BTW, my writing style in the forum is deeply influenced by Wang Xiaobo

The 15th year of Wanli written by Huang Renyu

The author interprets the key historical events in the middle Ming Dynasty from the perspectives of politics, economy, military, culture and ideology in a structured way. In the way of biography, through the narration of historical figures and events, and closely combined with the social system at that time, this paper explains the logic and historical limitations behind the centralization, cabinet system, imperial examination system and civil service system of China’s feudal dynasties. See the big from the small and know from the small.

A brief history of Chinese philosophy by Feng Youlan

This is a guide material written by Feng Youlan, a famous contemporary Chinese thinker and philosopher, for the course of Chinese philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania. This book has a clear and profound understanding of the rise, contention and evolution of philosophical schools in Chinese history. As Chinese descendants, we need to understand where our nation’s thoughts come from, and then we can understand where the future is going.

Note: this book was written in both Chinese and English at the beginning. Mr. Feng Youlan’s interpretation of Chinese Philosophy in the English world is very good. As an English learning book, it is also very valuable.

Selected books recommended by developers

Recommender: rainy night

Analysis of Alibaba cloud Tianchi competition: machine learning Author: Tianchi platform

This is an algorithm solution about machine learning written by Alibaba cloud Tianchi platform and excellent players through summarizing more than 200 competitions in the past seven years. It includes seven steps: problem understanding, data exploration, feature engineering, model training, model verification, feature optimization and model fusion. The explanation is carried out layer by layer. Through learning the excellent scheme and experience summarized by predecessors, it helps me broaden the thinking of solving problems, which is highly recommended.

Recommended by: Xiao Jie

By Robert C. Martin

Software architecture, in fact, is to identify problems, find the main and secondary problems. From another perspective, there are two kinds of software complexity, one is about business, business complexity. The other is technical, technical complexity. No matter how powerful the technology is or how powerful the tools are, the business complexity can never be avoided. This is the fundamental complexity, and the technology can not fundamentally solve the problem.

Recommended by: Yuan Qing

Data product manager: advanced in practice by Yang Nannan / Li Kaidong / Chen Xintao / Xiao Fanfan

This is a comprehensive introduction to the core knowledge system of data product manager. Most of the authors come from domestic well-known enterprises, and design different industries, which gives this book a broader perspective, and can help us understand how data product managers generate value in data, products, operations, markets and other aspects from different perspectives. After reading this book, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the work content of data product manager, systematically master the core knowledge system of data products, quickly realize the breakthrough from entry to advanced level, and successively understand the knowledge points of data buried point, data middle station, data index system, a / B test, data management, data service, etc., covering data collection, governance, application, data management, data management, data service, etc Ability to output the entire chain. Recommend to the readers who want to be engaged in or want to know about the position of data product manager in the future.

Recommended by: Hu linren

The beauty of mathematics by Wu Jun

The importance of mathematics is self-evident《 The beauty of mathematics systematically expounds the mathematical principles behind the technology and application in the field of information processing. The advanced mathematical principles are easy to understand, and non professional readers can also appreciate the charm of mathematics.

Recommender: Ruochen

The UNIX legend by Brian w. kenihan

When it comes to UNIX, I think we are familiar with it. If there had been no UNIX, would there have been no Internet? Will our world be very different? This book introduces the origin and development of UNIX and the task behind it; In addition to technology, this book also shows us the spirit of openness, equality and cooperation, which is the reason for UNIX’s success. Let’s walk into UNIX, into this legendary history.

Has a book ever influenced you deeply? Is there a book that you have read over and over again? On the world book day, Alibaba cloud developer community specially launched the activity of “recording the road of reading, influencing peers”,click here , recommend the good books you have read to the students, and share the happiness brought by the books~

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