Prestosql renamed Trino; farewell, flash; Huawei off the shelves, Tencent all games, think no technology weekly


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1. Facebook grabs the trademark, but prestosql chooses to rename Trino

Three founders of presto, a well-known open source project, announced that the name of Presto SQL project will be changed to Trino.

The project was originally run by Facebook, but in early 2019, the three founders of the Presto team left Facebook. Since then, the Presto project has been divided into two parts: Facebook maintains prestodb, and Martin, DIN and David, the three earliest promoters of Presto project, maintain prestosql.

Currently, the name of prestosql project on GitHub has been changed to Trino, and its official announcement also provides the new address of the project. (source: segmentfault)

Prestosql renamed Trino; farewell, flash; Huawei off the shelves, Tencent all games, think no technology weekly

——Martin, Dain and David said that although they are reluctant to give up the name presto, “frankly, we are tired of endless distractions. We intend to focus on the most important things and the work we do best, build high-quality software that everyone can rely on, and build a healthy user and developer community and support it.”

2. Global programmer’s income report in 2020 The website recently released a report on the income of programmers in 2020, which shows that LYFT company ranks first in the category of entry-level engineers with a median salary of $230000. Followed by roblox, with a salary of $222000. Stripe and airbnb tied for third place with a salary of $213000. Among the top five companies on the list, the median salary of programmers is more than $200000. The remaining three companies in the bottom of the list also have a small salary gap, with us $190000, US $197000 and US $195000 respectively.

Prestosql renamed Trino; farewell, flash; Huawei off the shelves, Tencent all games, think no technology weekly

In terms of engineer positions, airbnb has the highest median salary of 295000 US dollars. Next came pinterest and box, with $294000 and $29, respectively. Byte jump, the only Chinese company on the list, ranks seventh with a salary of 260000 US dollars.

Prestosql renamed Trino; farewell, flash; Huawei off the shelves, Tencent all games, think no technology weekly

In terms of geographical distribution, the top three regions with the highest income of programmers in the United States are San Francisco (US $232000), Seattle (US $197000) and New York (US $182000). Globally, Zurich, Switzerland (US $211, 000), Tel Aviv, Israel (US $159, 000) and Vancouver, Canada (US $133, 000) have the highest income for programmers. Beijing, China, ranked 10th with a salary of $100000. (source: OSC open source community)

Prestosql renamed Trino; farewell, flash; Huawei off the shelves, Tencent all games, think no technology weekly

——I’m sorry, I’m dragging the income of Beijing programmers, orz.

3. Goodbye, flash

As early as 2017, Adobe announced that it would stop updating flash player on December 31, 2020, encouraging content developers to switch to other open formats. On December 31, flash officially retired.

The significance of flash is to let people watch animation and video in the era of low bandwidth. However, when it came to China, it was scolded and blinded for its “psoriasis” pop-up ads. However, today, we can’t look at it from the perspective of the quality of a product. More or less, flash is the existence of building an Internet history.

With enough audience, low-cost development tools, and cross platform convenience to support all web browsers, flash has spawned the career of flash animation and game making. In China, they have a very vivid pronoun flash.

Tom fulp, founder of Newgrounds, recalls, “in 2007, you could make a living by making flash games. It’s almost everyone’s dream to make the games they want and support themselves. It’s really fun. It’s the same in China. Some people get their first pot of gold by making flash when it’s not everywhere.

“Flash has activated the culture and atmosphere of content creation that we now take for granted. “Wired UK wrote.

But the pace of time never stops. When the disadvantages of flash become more and more rampant, new Internet things emerge in endlessly, and its exit is just in line with the alternation of technology wave. Even the original 4399, which is full of flash games, is gradually replaced by H5 games.

Since the announcement of shutdown, several Internet projects have begun to preserve the existing flash works, such as mini series, magic tower, royal guard, forest iceman, flash attack

People embrace more perfect technology, but what makes countless people reluctant is that in the early days of the barren Internet, “flashers” created so many beautiful memories with just one computer and one Internet cable. (source: geek Park)

——And flash say goodbye at the same time, Yeqing day.

4. Tencent asked to adjust the share ratio, Huawei refused to take all Tencent games off the shelves!

In the early morning of January 1, Huawei announced in the official community that:

“Because Tencent game unilaterally made major changes to the cooperation between the two sides, leading to major obstacles to the continued cooperation between the two sides, we have to suspend the relevant cooperation according to Tencent’s unilateral request and take Tencent game off the Huawei platform.”

Prestosql renamed Trino; farewell, flash; Huawei off the shelves, Tencent all games, think no technology weekly

At present, Huawei’s app store can’t find Tencent related mobile games. The supercell “fight in the wilderness” currently kept in the store is understood to be the Android version released by Youzu network. In this regard, the cooperation between Huawei and Tencent in the game industry can be described as a complete break-up, and people with an eye can understand that Huawei is not willing to adjust the share ratio for Tencent.

Recently, due to the release of “call of duty mobile game” in the domestic market, Tencent and Huawei had a secret contest. On December 25, when the game was released, only Huawei did not reach an agreement with Tencent to adjust the share ratio of this mobile game. Tencent did not provide the game installation package of “call of duty mobile game” to Huawei for a time. After several hours of stalemate between the two sides, Tencent finally came to an end The installation package has been provided, but Huawei has offline the store promotion resources originally provided for call of duty mobile game, which foreshadows a complete showdown between Tencent and Huawei today.

At present, domestic android app stores generally adopt a 5:5 share ratio, compared with apple and Google With the 3:7 share ratio adopted by play in the global market, the game companies can get 70% revenue share, and the domestic game companies can get lower income in China’s app stores. Considering that the R & D investment of boutique Games has increased sharply in recent two years, and the R & D cost of over 100 million is common, this share ratio is obviously unreasonable.

It is worth noting that Huawei has adopted a different share ratio between the Chinese market and the overseas market. Its domestic android market is 5:5, while in the foreign market, Huawei adopts a 15:85 share ratio in response to the US crackdown and competition with Google. Game companies can get 85% revenue share in the preferential period. (source: gamelook News)

——Now, parents are more willing to buy Huawei mobile phones for their children.

5. Amazon lost, awarded 76.46 million yuan: unable to use AWS name

In July 2018, Beijing Yanhuang Yingdong Technology Development Co., Ltd. sued technology services (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Beijing Guanghuan Xinwang Technology Co., Ltd. to Beijing Higher People’s court, claiming that they used the “AWS” logo to operate cloud computing services without their permission, infringing their exclusive right to use the “AWS” trademark, with a claim amount of 300 million yuan.

On December 30, 2020, the Beijing Higher People’s court pronounced a judgment on the case (first instance)

  • Guanghuan Xinwang and Amazon shall stop infringing the exclusive right of Yanhuang Yingdong No. 4249189, No. 8967031 and No. 8967030 registered trademarks from the effective date of the judgment, and shall not use the “AWS” logo and its similar logo on the same or similar goods or services as the above registered trademarks;
  • and published statements in China intellectual property newspaper to eliminate the impact caused by the infringement involved in the case;
  • Guanghuan Xinwang and Amazon jointly compensate Yanhuang Yingdong for the economic loss of 76463000 yuan and the reasonable expenses of 260000 yuan due to the lawsuit, totaling 76723000 yuan. (source: yuntoutiao)

——So why would AWS change its abbreviation?

6. Alibaba Damo Institute releases top 10 technology trends in 2021

Trend 1: the third generation semiconductors represented by Gan and SiC usher in the application explosion

Trend 2: in the post “quantum hegemony” era, quantum error correction and practical advantages become the core proposition

Trend 3: carbon based technology breakthroughs accelerate the development of flexible electronics

Trend 4: AI improves R & D efficiency of drugs and vaccines

Trend 5: brain computer interface helps human beings transcend biological limits

Trend 6: data processing realizes “autonomy and self evolution”

Trend 7: cloud native reshapes IT technology system

Trend 8: agriculture enters the era of data intelligence

Trend 9: Industrial Internet from single point intelligence to global intelligence

Trend 10: smart operation center becomes the standard configuration of future cities (source: segmentfault)

Prestosql renamed Trino; farewell, flash; Huawei off the shelves, Tencent all games, think no technology weekly

——In the post epidemic era, Dharma Institute provides a new forecast for the science and technology industry.

7. Wechat adapts to domestic operating system: native support for Linux

According to ZOL, the official of Tongxin software recently announced that it will go online to adapt to the wechat desktop client of Tongxin UOS, and said that the wechat version is a version that originally supports Linux, and supports Loongson, Kunpeng, Qilin and other domestic CPUs.

Prestosql renamed Trino; farewell, flash; Huawei off the shelves, Tencent all games, think no technology weekly

It is reported that the wechat desktop client of the UOS version of Tongxin is developed by Tencent and has been adapted to the UOS professional version of Tongxin. At the same time, it also supports AMD64, arm64, MIPS64 and other instruction set architectures, as well as CPU platforms such as Loongson, Kunpeng, Hisilicon, megacore, Haiguang and Feiteng, which can realize the native experience of one click installation. “This version of wechat client is the native version of Linux,” the report said

Tongxin UOS is an operating system based on Linux kernel, which was developed on the basis of deepin system after Tongxin acquired Wuhan deep company. Just last month, Tongxin disclosed that it has completed the adaptation of common mainstream Windows applications in UOS, including wechat, QQ, Sogou input method, 360 series software, Jinshan WPS, nailing, digital reader, Fuxin reader, etc.

Due to various reasons, Tencent has not launched the wechat Version (the beta version of Linux QQ, which is updated only 10 years later) that is originally adapted to the Linux system. Commonly used software such as wechat and QQ under Linux distributions including deepin are usually based on wine Or other cross platform versions similar to virtual machines, there is a big gap between them in terms of performance and operation experience.

In any case, if the wechat UOS version released this time really supports Linux, it is undoubtedly good news for the development of Linux based operating system ecology in China. (source: OSC open source community)

——But only the professional edition has this treatment.

Prestosql renamed Trino; farewell, flash; Huawei off the shelves, Tencent all games, think no technology weekly

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