Preliminary exploration of vs2019 COM component – simple COM writing and cross language call



1. Master the basic syntax of C + +

2. Platform installation vs2019

3. The local platform is windows 10 1909 x64

4. Understand the basic syntax of vbs


This goal

1. Master the concept and principle of COM components

2. Write a simple COM component in the form of DLL

3. Cross language calling com through vbs


1. Concept and principle of COM component

  What is com:

    Baidu Encyclopedia: COM component is a new software development technology developed by Microsoft for the software production of computer industry to be more in line with human behavior. Under the com framework, people can develop a variety of functional components, and then combine them as needed to form a complex application system. The benefits are various: the components in the system can be replaced with new ones, so that the system can be upgraded and customized at any time; The same component can be reused in multiple application systems; It can easily expand the application system to the network environment; COM is independent of language and platform, so that all programmers can give full play to their intelligence and expertise to write component modules.

(personal understanding: COM component is a standard, and the components developed according to this standard are COM components. Similarly, any language can call this component as long as it complies with this standard. COM component is essentially a binary executable file, which is published by COM in the form of DLL or exe)


  What is ATL:


    Baidu Encyclopedia: ATL is the abbreviation of ActiveX template library. It is a set of C + + template library. Using ATL can quickly develop efficient and slim code, and provide maximum automatic code generation and visual support for the development of COM components. For ease of use, Microsoft has integrated ATL into the visual c + + development environment since Microsoft Visual C + + version 5.0. Visual Studio 6.0, launched in September 1998, integrates ATL version 3.0. ATL has become an important member of Microsoft standard development tools and has been paid more and more attention by C + + developers.

    (personal understanding: ATL is a C + + template released by Microsoft to simplify COM programming)


  What is ActiveX:

    Baidu Encyclopedia: ActiveX is Microsoft’s name for a series of strategic object-oriented program technologies and tools, of which the main technology is component object model (COM). In the network with directory and other support, com becomes distributed com (DCOM). ActiveX controls are small programs for the Internet, sometimes called plug-insThey can enhance your browsing experience by allowing you to play animations or help with tasks, such as installing security updates in Microsoft Update.  When creating ActiveX programs, the main work is components, a self-sufficient program that can run arbitrarily in the ActiveX network (windows, MAC, Linux). This component is an ActiveX control. ActiveX is proposed by Microsoft to compete with the Java technology of Sun Microsystems. The function of this control is similar to that of Java applet.

    (personal understanding: ActiveX is the name of COM component collection, and it is mainly used in the web, which is essentially com) it is referenced here   360 Encyclopedia   New entry   [vernacular is easy to understand]


2. Write a simple COM component


  Vs2019 create a new project based on ATL template next step



  Set the project name (Note: the project name must be remembered) and create it




   Set ATL project properties (based on. DLL mode)


  “Support component registration” here means that component registration will be performed automatically after compilation

Click OK after selection and wait for the creation to complete


  After completion, ComTest and comtestps will appear, regardless of PS





Click ComTest and you can see the header file and source file automatically generated by the system



  Now add a new ATL object

  Right click ComTest to create a new item – > Add – > create a new item




   Create a new “ATL simple object” for ComTest and click Add




  Set the short name to temp, and others will be filled automatically

Progid is set to project name + “. + short name (ComTest. Temp)

File type and other defaults are OK. Click finish

  Two values need to be noted here

Progid is the name to be provided by VBS and other language calling components

Interface itemp is the interface name that needs to be found after configuring IDL



   After completion, temp. H and temp.cpp will be automatically added under ComTest and a ctemp class will be generated




   Now we can create our own methods

  Add a function declaration to ctemp in the temp. H header file



 Implement this function in the temp.cpp file


It is worth mentioning that

__ Result must be a pointer for return

Return defaults to s_ OK indicates successful execution


  After defining the method, open comtest.idl

Remember the “short name” we set when creating ATL simple objects (itemp automatic naming rule is I + short name)

Find the interface itemp: IDispatch



   Write in interface itemp: IDispatch


[in]   Indicates input   [out] indicates output [retval] indicates to the outside world as a return value

It is worth mentioning that retval must have only one and must follow out



The above has written all the contents of the ComTest component


  Select the number of bits to generate x64 shortcut key Ctrl + B generate DLL



You will see the generated error message here

Never mind. Open our project directory



  You can see the first generated comtest.dll, and then register the COM component

  Notice two files here

Comtest.dll is the COM component ontology

Comtest.tlb is the file required for C + + to call com later



  Open CMD or PowerShell with administrator privileges

  And enter the directory where the DLL exists

  Enter the command to register our DLL



After entering, the message “succeeded” will appear

If unsuccessful, try to register with administrator privileges



3. Cross language calling com through vbs


   Write VBS code   Comtest.temp is the “progid” set for “ATL simple object” and number is the function name in the class



Save and run successfully





matters needing attention:

The com called by VBS must be IDispatch interface

Vs2019 ATL inherits IDispatch interface by default

COM components must be registered before VBS can call



GitHub source address

  3065190005/ComTest: ComTest Code (


The next article implements the CreateObject function logic of VBS and calls com through the IDispatch interface


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