Predict exercise of common functional interfaces

package LambdaTest. LambdaTest05; import java. util. function. Predicate;/** *  Filename: predicatetest * Author: LPS * date: 2022 / 4 / 7 11:54 * sign: Liu Pinshui Q: 1944900433 * default predicate and (predicate super T > other) * return one short circuit logic represented by predicate and another* Static predicate isequal (object targetref) * returns the test predicate if it is based on objects Equals (object, object) the two parameters are equal* Default predicate negate() * returns a predicate that represents the logical negation of the predicate* Default predicate or (predicate super T > other) * returns a short circuit logic represented by a predicate or the predicate and another* Boolean test (T) * evaluates this predicate on a given parameter. * *@ author lps */public class PredicateTest {    public static void main(String[] args) {//        boolean b1=checkString("lps!", s->{//            return s.length()>4;//        });         boolean b1=checkString("lps",s -> s.length()>4);         System. out. println(b1);         boolean b2=checkString("lpsjava",s -> s.length()>4);         System. out. println(b2);    }     Private static Boolean checkstring (string s, predict pre) {// return pre.test (s); // normal judgment logic // return! Pre.test (s); return pre.negate(). Test (s); // logical non operation =! // default predict negate() {// return (T) - >! Test (T); //}}