Practical react scaffold, simple react scaffold


Practical react scaffolding, no redundant documents,

User defined react scaffold based on webpack,

Project structure modularization, componentization, SSR, react server rendering,

React + webpack + router + Redux + SSR JS / CSS extraction and compression

Multi process packaging, routing, lazy loading, etc

Multi page portal configuration, etc

The source code address is as follows:

React simple scaffold

Use project

git clone…

Installation dependency

npm install

Start project

npm run dev

Online packaging

npm run build

Practical react scaffold, simple react scaffold

Branch function description

Different branches have different functions to meet different needs

Master branch

Pure react + webpack + router structure, no redundant files

React Redux app branch

React + webpack + router + Redux structure, introducing Redux and data persistence


Multi portal configuration of react + webpack + router

React SSR app branch

React + webpack + router + SSR structure, pre render spa plugin is introduced

React utils app branch

react +webpack +router + antd-mobile   Structure, with some simple common functions, such as: request method, cookie operation, storage operation, time format and so on

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