Power on password forgot how to retrieve the power on password of MacBook Air


In order to protect their computer security, I believe many users have set their computer boot password, but what if they forget the boot password? Today, Xiaobian will teach you to retrieve the boot password of MacBook Air.

If there is no system installation disk, the following methods can be used:

First, start the machine, press and hold the apple and s keys to enter the system in single user mode. Enter: Mount -uv / and enter.

Next, you can use any of the following methods:

1. If you know the short user name, enter SH / etc / RC, enter passwd, and enter the new password twice. Input: Reboot enter. Let the machine restart.

2. If you know the short user name, you can also enter CD / var / db / Netinfo and press enter. Then enter: / usr / bin / NiCl – raw local.nidb – create / users / short username password and enter. This sets the user password to blank. Input: Reboot enter. The machine will restart. After startup, enter a blank password.

3. When starting up, press CMD + s to enter single user mode, and a DOS like prompt #root appears

Enter under #root (note spaces, case)

  fsck -y

  mount –uaw /

  rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone

The machine will restart. It looks like the welcome interface when it is reinstalled. Don’t worry, nothing is lost. Just like the first installation, re-establish a new administrator account. Open the system account under the new administrator, open the bottom lock, and use the password of the new administrator’s account when asking for the password. You will see at least two accounts, the new administrator’s account and your original account. Click the original account and select password – change password.

Tip: you don’t have to have the original password to set a new password directly. Click the login option (small house) below, select automatic login as the identity on the right, and select your original account in the drop-down menu. Restart and you’re done. If you don’t like the machine to have an extra account, delete it.

System preset – account, select a new administrator account and click the minus sign on the lock.

The above is what Xiaobian wants to teach you. MacBook Air users forget their boot password. Go and have a try.