Power node JDBC from entry to proficient learning tutorial, recommended collection! Very comprehensive!


JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)

JDBC is essentially a service. The characteristics of a service must be operated according to the specified specifications

JDBC related concepts

  • Core package Java sql
  • DriverManager
  • Connection
  • Statement
  • PreparedStatement
  • ResultSet

JDBC learning tutorial

The JDBC learning tutorial shared with the power node explains in detail how the Java language connects to the database and adds, deletes, modifies and queries the data in the database. It is suitable for students who have learned the basics of Java programming and database.

The JDBC tutorial describes the real role of interfaces in development, the background of JDBC specification, the six parts of JDBC programming, JDBC transactions, JDBC batch processing, SQL injection, row level locking, etc.

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Course catalogue

•001. JDBC tutorial – Introduction to the directory structure of JDBC courses

•002. JDBC tutorial – understanding the essence of JDBC

•003. JDBC tutorial – writing programs to simulate the essence of JDBC

•004. JDBC tutorial – configure the driver jar into the environment variable classpath

•005. JDBC tutorial – an overview of the six steps of JDBC programming

•006. JDBC tutorial – register driver and get connection

•007. JDBC tutorial – executing SQL and freeing resources

•008. JDBC tutorial – JDBC execution deletion and update

•009. JDBC tutorial – registering drivers by class loading

•010. JDBC tutorial – reading connection database information from property resource file

•011. JDBC tutorial – processing query result sets

•012. JDBC tutorial – using idea to develop JDBC code and configure drivers

•013. JDBC tutorial – Review JDBC

•014. JDBC tutorial – user login service introduction

•015. JDBC tutorial – Installation of PowerDesigner tools

•016. JDBC tutorial – physical modeling using PowerDesigner tools

•017. JDBC tutorial – initialization of user login function interface

•018. JDBC tutorial – Implementation of login method

•019. JDBC tutorial – demonstrating SQL injection phenomena

•020. JDBC tutorial – solving SQL injection problems

•021. JDBC tutorial – Comparison between statement and Preparedstatement

•022. JDBC tutorial – demonstrate the purpose of statement

•023. JDBC tutorial – Preparedstatement completion of addition, deletion and modification

•024. JDBC tutorial – demonstration of automatic transaction submission mechanism of JDBC

•025. JDBC tutorial – account transfer demo transaction

•026. JDBC tutorial – encapsulation of JDBC tool classes

•027. JDBC tutorial – JDBC implementation of fuzzy query

•028. JDBC tutorial – concepts of pessimistic lock and optimistic lock

•029. JDBC tutorial – demonstrating row level locking mechanism