Postman test data


1、 New

staycontrollerWrite new methods in, plus@RequestBodyNotes tojsonFormat to get data





stayPostmanThere are two ways to add data

  1. Add parameters directly, such as:





  1. withjsonFormat addition





2、 Delete

according toidDelete





3、 Modification (similar to addition)












4、 Find





5、 Fuzzy query:

The first fuzzy query: Select* FROM USER WHERE NAME LIKE ‘%${value}%’









The second fuzzy query: Select* FROM USER WHERE NAME like CONCAT(‘%’,#{name},’%’)









5、 Pagination

1.Add dependence






2.application.ymlChina and Canadapagehelper:















  1. serviceLayer:UserServiceimpl





  1. controllerLayer:





  1. UserMapper.xml





  1. Postmantest




Top down approach:

1staycontrollerMethod, there is no method at this timefindOne2method,Alt+enter





After return: fromcontrollerHere we areserviceLayer.




Go againserviceimplIn this way, we can achieveserviceNew generation method in:




Call againuserMapperImplementation method, at this timeuserMapperNone of themfindOne2method,Alt+enter,




It arrived after returningUserMapperLayer, and the method is complete.




FinallyUserMapper.xmlHow to write query insqlsentence.


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