“Post 00 abbreviation slang translator” was on the GitHub hot list, and middle-aged Internet users can finally understand the awsl of young people


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The social disconnect of the post-90s is finally saved now.

As a middle-aged person, to communicate with the post-00s on the cusp of the times, you always need to prepare some word lists, such as:

We should open several wechat articles to understand the full name, source and context of these abbreviations like memorizing words, and do a lot of reading and understanding of example sentences in order to roughly “learn” these new words.

Then the next day I forgot everything.

After all, the memory and language environment of the post-90s middle-aged can’t be compared with the post-90s young people.

However, the post-90s middle-aged people have mastered the technical means skillfully00 post slang translation plug-in, was born.

Its name is:

Can you talk well, nbnhhsh for short.

It can directly translate those confused abbreviations into adult words, and even directly delimit words as a web plug-in. It can be used on the platforms gathered after 00, such as station B, microblog and post bar.

Moreover, it is still open source in GitHub and has won 1200 stars, making it on the GitHub hot list.

It’s a blessing for middle-aged and elderly friends. The 8090 Chinese British hybrid party no longer has to worry about being defeated by the Post-00 Pinyin party.

Chinese English Japanese ancient and modern network language hybrid translation

If you open the web version of “can you speak well”, you can put in the Pinyin abbreviations that need to be translated, and the system will automatically give various Chinese character explanations.

For example, enter “CDX”:

It will tell you that it may be “the object” or “Chen Duxiu”.

Or “DBQ”:

Look, you can not only translate “sorry” in pinyin, but also “double kill” in English.

Abbreviations from English like “NBCS” are also OK:

Although it may be “southern city”, its main usage “nobody cares” is still ranked first.

In addition to Putonghua, Cantonese is also a special language in Chinese. See “yjgj” to translate:

In addition to Chinese Pinyin, English and even Japanese, after all, it’s 2020. Who doesn’t know two plastic Japanese sentences? For example, “KY” comes from Japanese:

It’s too difficult. Let’s extract a paragraph from Baidu Encyclopedia directly:

KY is the first letter of “Kongzhu” (pronounced kuuki GA yomenai as’ unable to read atmosphere ‘) “extracted from Japanese. K is the first letter of Kongzhu and Y is the first letter of Kongzhu. It means no eyesight, that is, no judgment on the current atmosphere. When you want to pretend to establish friendly communication with each other, you won’t make an appropriate response according to the atmosphere or everyone’s face at that time.

Even “Soga”, a Japanese language written by Chinese in English letters, can be translated:

Moreover, this translator can also achieve “intergenerational compatibility”. If you don’t believe it, try using the ancient network language “plmm”:

Finally, if you put in a whole paragraph of slang mixed with Chinese characters and Pinyin, it can automatically extract those slangs and explain them one by one.

For example, this sentence:

555, I TNL, want to talk to the next table plmm zqsg’s CDX, but she only likes cxk. Single dogs are NBCS

It will automatically grab the word list:

Tql, tql, which integrates the language elements of China, Britain and Japan, combined with the changes of network language in the past 20 years, fits the habits of young Internet users and meets the needs of middle-aged Internet users, WFL.

Moreover, if the plug-in is installed, you can use it on the microblog, station B and post bar platforms. Just click to select it, and you can pop up the Translation:

The post-90s are no longer afraid to be photographed on the beach by young people. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Using posture guidance

To use user scripts on the browser, you first need to install a user script manager. The available user script managers vary depending on the browser used.

Chrome: tampermonkey or violet monkey
Firefox: Greasemonkey, tampermonkey or violentmonkey
Microsoft Edge:Tampermonkey
Opera: tampermonkey or violentmonkey
Qupzilla: (no additional software required)
Adguard: (no additional software required)

After installing the user script browser plug-in, find the “can you speak well” script page on the oil monkey website and click Install directly.

You can also connect and install directly according to the guidance points on the GitHub page.

After completion, select words on the web page, and the translation will be given directly.

Click the “+” at the top right of the entry to add a new explanation, which will be entered after passing the review.

The script version is currently available inMicroblog, post bar, station BRun under page.

If you want to use this script on more web pages, you can set it in the corresponding script manager configurationUser matching, add the corresponding URL rule. Take the tamperkey of Chrome browser as an example:

If you need to add this function to your personal web page, you need to add the following code in front of the page:


If it’s too much trouble, the author also provides an independent web version to copy the words that need to be translated in the past.

However, the plug-ins currently used directly cannot be placed on the app side of platforms such as station B. I hope that platforms such as station B can be accessed. It’s also good to connect mengniang encyclopedia by the way. Maybe it can effectively expand the user’s plate and contribute to their own financial reports.

The post-90s should be Internet trendsetters

The majority of post-90s old netizens who make tea for health preservation have received high praise after use. They have said that they can talk and laugh with the post-00s, walk around in court, and don’t have to worry about exposing their age anymore.

Others praised the author for his excellent “business vision”:

Author introduction

The author’s ID is called “Bu Bu Kou”. In fact, it is “Bu Bu Kou” in Japanese, which refers to the chinchilla in animation. Bukou was born in Shenyang, Liaoning Province in 1994 and now lives in Shanghai.

Bubukou’s personal page is full of strong ACG flavor. It seems that it is a leader in effective communication between the post-90s and the post-00s.

TA has a wide range of hobbies and claims:

Is there any Daniel in the comment area who also likes to translate these slang for you?

TA started program interface development in 2009, following minimalism. I like projects that are interesting (Wu) and some GitHub are open source.

In addition, Ta is also a celebrity photographer, preferring the Japanese system and the second dimensional messenger.

One more thing

However, what is puzzling is that “awsl” needs to be opened for translation?!

This is the annual barrage of station B hello~


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