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How to quickly and quickly recommend hot audio, how to use the method and skills are all here. The jitter is very loud, and at the same time, there are a lot of big red nets, and more and more people want to shake their voice. However, after all, only a small number of people can fire up any platform, and more people can participate in the content creation process and enjoy it. It is already very good. Topic: how to quickly recommend popular short videos.


First of all, we need to understand the recommended methods and rules of jitter.

The recommended algorithm of shaking and headlines is basically the same. The rules of the video chat program recommend that your video rule is to select a video randomly. First you recommend 1000 users. If your relevant indicators (such as the number of points) are up to standard, you will be recommended more users next time. The better the performance, the better you can get more recommended users. Step by step, you will finally be able to enter tens of millions of traffic pools.

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Generally speaking, the more video commentary, the more comments, the longer the playing time, the lower the percentage of users closing off after watching. The recommended amount of training can be increased, reaching the above conditions. The system will think you are a high-quality video to give a large amount of recommendation.

Speaking of this, some people may feel very aggrieved: I feel that my video is very high-quality, pure original, why the broadcast volume is so poor, this problem is the same as some novices complain about the low reading volume of the front page wechat platform, the painstaking original content, spent several hours, the result is only dozens of reading volume, very sad.

We need to reverse a misunderstanding here. Don’t think that it’s your original content, so you can definitely get a large amount of recommendation and playback. Your video quality, interest, creativity, release time and other factors are all influencing factors. Of course, luck also accounts for a large proportion.

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Mastering some common skills can improve the chances of getting popular recommendation.

1. Improve your own information: including avatars, nicknames, mobile phones, microblogs, wechat, headlines, etc., the more detailed the better,Vibrato TeachingMost of the videos recommended above are actually machine + internal manual auditing.

2, abide by the rules of vibrant community, do not issue illegal video, video content should have bright spots, can not see the user for a long time, there is no bright spot, the user can be long suppressed by your voice content, then the probability of recommendation is smaller.

PS:3B theory is worth referring to: beautiful – beauty, Beast – animal (Beast), baby – baby, these are all popular favorite content, you can go to the trembling sound recommendation statistics.

3. Sharing outside the station: wechat / Weibo sharing, QQ group sharing, and finding friends to forward are all reference ways.

4. Mutual fans and mutual praise: there are many QQ groups and wechat groups here. You can add groups to publish your own videos, interact with group friends, mutual fans and mutual praise, and you can get the weight of your works.

5, the release time: it is best to release at 11-13 noon, 5-7 p.m., 9-11 p.m., the peak time of these three sessions is the peak of user visits. Basically, after the video is released, the system will recommend some traffic.

6. Participate in topic challenge more: the topic challenge has its own traffic, which can improve the video exposure.

This is a very basic way to play the jitter. The most important thing is your video quality. If you are not a handsome guy, not a very beautiful beauty, please make serious videos, try to be interesting, creative and material. I believe that with the help of these methods, there is no problem with the last hot spot.

How can we quickly recommend popular videos, how to pick up videos and how to recommend short videos easily? When you play the jitter, you will often find that you have a good video that you can’t recommend. No one can see it. Why is this? Let’s share with you how to quickly recommend a popular short video. Law.

1, first of all, we must have a long duration of shaking and video. We must be able to meet the number of hours it requires, not just 7. The operation of 8 minutes is over, so it can’t be recommended. It must be more than 10 seconds.

2, the quality of the picture is clear (to upgrade to the latest version of the jitter). There is no overexposure, no darker or Catton. You can’t see clearly how others look at it, so the definition is high.

3. Take video according to the following requirements.

1, machine screening: using the shake hands straight beat, no other APP effects, watermark or watermark occlusion, clear picture quality (to upgrade to the latest version of the chatter), no overexposure of the screen, no darker or Catton, vertical screen full screen can be selected, the system will initially select high-quality video according to certain data dimensions on the platform.

2. Selected scoring dimensions: Creativity (with unique creativity & high-quality plot, unique shooting and editing techniques), talent (dance, singing, beauty, special skills, etc.), scene (outdoor, rich scenes with many people, beautiful and exquisite points), cooperation (actively participating in official challenges, off-site broadcasting, etc.).

3, how to let more people read the flick sound tutorial?

1. It must be a personal original video.

2. Pay attention to the content of video technology, make an acting school, perform songs, create content, perform in multiple roles, etc., and turn music into your MV.

3. Try to shoot videos of multiple people. Videos of multiple people are more popular than those of a single person. Please call your friends and get up together.

4. Take part in online challenges more often, which is the fast channel of recommendation.

5. The work should be unique, show your talent, show your distinctive original audio video, play and sing, dance, bbox, skateboard, painting, sports and fitness videos, which can make your videos quickly recommended.

The above are all auxiliary, the most important is:.

The amount of fans, the number of comments, the number of comments, the amount of forwarding and the amount of play are very important in the operation of the platform, because the ability of the shaking check to attract a lot of fans, praise, forward, comment and play the volume of a single piece of work can make you get the opportunity to be exposed in the hot pool when the above five data have reached the top requirement.

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