Popular Android studio plug-ins, here is top 20!


Android studio is a powerful development tool developed by JetBrains company. It has everything you need to build excellent Android applications. With the powerful functions based on IntelliJ idea, plug-ins are very rich.

The right use of plug-ins can help you improve work efficiency, more intelligent, faster. However, the growing list of plug-ins can also be overwhelming. With this in mind, I’ve checked out a list of Android studio plug-ins here to ease the selection. The same is true for developers using other ides, such as webstorm.

Let’s get started!

1. CodeGlance

Similar to sublime or Xcode, this plug-in embeds thethumbnail。 As shown in the figure below, on the right is a thumbnail of the code, and the scroll bar becomes larger. useCodeglancePreview code mode allows you to quickly navigate to the desired part.

Popular Android studio plug-ins, here is top 20!

2. Rainbow Brackets

Nesting parentheses can be a pain for programmers, especially when something is missing. They can be a headache in code review because it’s hard to see which parentheses are paired.

This plug-in adds a beautiful rainbow color to your code for parentheses, square brackets, and braces. It’s a lifesaver for just started developers, or for developers who find themselves stuck in a lot of code.

Popular Android studio plug-ins, here is top 20!

In addition to Java and kotlin, the plug-in supports more than a dozen other languages, such as-Objective-CScalaPythonHTMLSQLEtc.

3. SQLDelight

Sqllight is a well-known kotlin multi platformdatabaseLibrary. It generates the kotlin API through SQL and is responsible for creating the database based on the schema itself.

Sqlyield comes from square, which is the most famous one (in addition, square has many powerful popular libraries, such as retrofit, okhttp, Picasso, etc.), and it has IntelliJ and Android studio plug-ins for syntax highlighting, code completion and SQL query navigation.

Popular Android studio plug-ins, here is top 20!

4. ADB Idea

This is a plug-in for Android studio and IntelliJ idea to speed up your daily Android development. ADB idea provides click shortcut commands for starting, uninstalling, terminating applications, revoking permissions, and clearing application data.

To call this plug-in, you can navigate to"Tools" - > "Android" - > "ADB idea"Menu, or fromFind operationSearch command in.

Popular Android studio plug-ins, here is top 20!

5. ADB Wifi

Unlike IOS development, Android developers usually have to make sure that they never disconnect the USB connection while debugging on the device. Although there is a groupADB ShellCommands can be connected via WiFi, but GUI shortcuts are much more convenient. Just install the ADB WiFi plug-in.

Make sure your computer and phone are connected to the same network, and then go to“Tools”→“ android”→“ ADB WIFI”→“ ADB USB to WIFI”Start connecting and now you can run the application without a USB connection.

6. Material UI Theme

Android Studio provides a lovely Dracula Themes, but sometimes it’s not a bad thing to make some changes,Material UI ThemeIt’s designed for that. The plug-in has an impressive theme palette, provides beautiful color schemes, and supports most programming languages, as well as material icons, padding and a range of custom settings.

Popular Android studio plug-ins, here is top 20!

7. JSON To Kotlin Class

With this plug-in, it’s very easy to convert JSON strings into kotlin data classes. In addition, it supports:

  • A series of JSON annotation Libraries-GsonJacksonFastjsonMoshiLoganSquareetc.
  • Initialize properties with default values and make them nullable.
  • Rename the property name to the hump style and generate the class as an internal or single class.
  • If the JSON string is valid, the JSON is loaded from the local file / HTTP URL.

Popular Android studio plug-ins, here is top 20!

8. Vector Drawable Thumbnails

To preview the vector drawable XML file, we usually have to rebuild the project. And useVector Drawable ThumbnailsPlug in, we can preview all vector drawables with one click.

Popular Android studio plug-ins, here is top 20!

9. Codota

Codota is an AI based code completion plug-in. It uses machines to learn millions of code segments (Java, JavaScript, python, etc.) to suggest code completion according to your context. It also allows you to embed common code snippets directly to improve development skills and reduce the chance of errors.

As shown in the figure below, it shows the probability of completion of each code in the autocomplete suggestion list, and the most likely code is highlighted in the editor (just press the right arrow).

Popular Android studio plug-ins, here is top 20!

10. Name That Color

If you find the color naming in the Android code base a headache, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Although coding is often referred to asArtBut not all developers are good at color naming, especially different shadows. In this case, enter thered1blue_lighterorred2Something like thatMysterious name

Fortunately, there’s a great plug-in to help you solve this name. All you need to do is paste the hexadecimal code into your colors resource file, which will suggest you the most matching material color palette name.

Popular Android studio plug-ins, here is top 20!

11. String Manipulation

Next, we introduce a plug-in string manipulation, which provides various string operations. fromtoggling casesreachswitching between camelsnakekebab casesAgain incrementing duplicatessort, escape / UN escape HTML, Java, SQL, PHP, XML strings, and perform filter operations (such as grep, string operations), etc., all within reach.

Popular Android studio plug-ins, here is top 20!

12. Gradle Killer

Often, you regret starting a gradle build or just want to shut it down immediately. You can runPS commandOr look around in task managerJava.exe, but it can be troublesome. Now, to the delight of developers, we have a plug-in that you can add to the Run menu of your Android studioKill GradleIcon. To recycle your RAM, just click it! As shown in the figure below:

Popular Android studio plug-ins, here is top 20!

13. Kotlin Fill Class

A common requirement is to quickly create kotlin classes with default properties. This IntelliJ plug-in is for this purpose. It is forEmpty constructorandfunctionProvides intent operations that allow you to quickly initialize parameters.

Popular Android studio plug-ins, here is top 20!

14. TabNine

This is an autocomplete plug-in (code tip), which can use deep learning to suggest intelligent completion, so that you can write content faster.

It supports 20 programming languages and has been trained in about 2 million files from GitHub. In order to predict the next “token,” it looks for patterns found in the training dataset. This makes tabnine particularly useful in idiomatic programming.

Popular Android studio plug-ins, here is top 20!

15. Key Promoter X

This is an IntelliJ ide plug-in that helps you learn basic shortcuts at work. When you put the mouse over the button in the IDE, the key promoter x will prompt you to use itShortcut key

It also displays a list of previously used mouse actions and their corresponding keyboard shortcuts in the side pane. For buttons without a shortcut, key promoter x prompts you to create a shortcut directly.

Popular Android studio plug-ins, here is top 20!

16. Clear Cache Plugin

Usually, when developers need to clear the cache, they have to traverse it.gradlecatalog. That’s a lot of time. You can create gradle scripts to speed up the process, but why rebuild the wheel?

through the use ofClear CachePlug in, we can retrieve all packages with a given prefix and delete packages that are no longer needed. The demonstration is as follows:

Popular Android studio plug-ins, here is top 20!

17. FCM Push Sender

By setting the registration ID to firebase, we can use this plug-in to send push notifications directly from Android studio. The plug-in also has theStetho dumpappPlug in automatically searches firebaseRegistration IDToken’s function of sharing preferences within applications.

The most prominent feature is the ability to send notifications to multiple debuggable devices. We can choose to send a data message or a full message, as follows:

Popular Android studio plug-ins, here is top 20!

18. SQLScout

This is excellent SQLite support for Android studio and IntelliJ idea, allowing you to manage databases in real time. This makes it easy to execute SQL queries in real time to update tables while debugging applications.

It also supports room persistence Libraries – automatically generated from existing database schemasRoom entityDAOMigrationandDatabase class。 Database chart, SQL editor with syntax highlighting tool, can export schema to excel and other formats.

All of these functions can be implemented by using the sqlcout plug-in.

Popular Android studio plug-ins, here is top 20!

19. Material Design Icon Generator

This plug-in can help you add material design icons to Android applications. Import assets, specifycoloursizeanddensityIt’s simple.

Popular Android studio plug-ins, here is top 20!

20. NyanProgress

Last plug-in-NyanProgressInteresting colored progress bar.

We have a nice progress bar to keep you company throughout the gradle build and rebuild process. The endless waiting time can be frustrating for any developer.

Fortunately, nyanprogress will be our favoriteNyanCatIt has been brought to the colorful progress bar to make the waiting time more interesting. No doubt the gradle version is frozen!

Popular Android studio plug-ins, here is top 20!


Keep in mind that using too many plug-ins in the IDE doesn’t really improve your productivity; on the contrary, it can significantly reduce the performance of Android studio. Finally, I recommend selecting some of these plug-ins and incorporating them into your daily development work.

Of the 20 plug-ins we introduced above, three of my favorite are:Name That ColorSQLDelightandCodeGlance。 And what about you? What do you like? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area.