PLSQL developer connection Oracle11g 64 bit database configuration details (Graphic)


Recently, a 64bit computer was replaced, so the Oracle database also changed to 64bit, but the problem also arose. Because PLSQL developer does not have the 64bit version at present, it cannot connect to the 64bit oracle. After some setbacks, it finally successfully connects to the database. Now, the configuration process is recorded for easy viewing.

1. Download instantclient-basic-win32- (download address:, download address:

2. Unzip the instantclient-basic-win32- and place it under the product of the Oracle installation directory (the location is not mandatory and can be placed at will), as shown in the following figure:

3. Copy the tnsnames.ora file under E: \ app \ administrator \ product \ 11.2.0 \ dbhome \ 1 \ network \ admin to the instantclient? 11? 2.

4. Open PLSQL developer, select Tools > preference > connection, and configure the Oracle home and OCI library items, as shown in the following figure:


Where, Oracle home: e: \ app \ administrator \ product \ instantclient

 OCI Library:E:\app\Administrator\product\instantclient_11_2\oci.dll

5. Configure system environment variables

Right click “my computer” – “properties” – “advanced” – “environment variables” – “system environment variables”:

1> . select “path” – click “Edit” to add “E: \ app \ administrator \ product \ instantclient” to the list;

2> . click “new”, the variable name is set to “TNS” and the variable value is set to “E: \ app \ administrator \ product \ instantclient” and click “OK”;

3> . click “new”, the variable name is set to “NLS” and the variable value is set to “simplified Chinese” china.zhs16gbk “, and click” OK “;

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