PLSQL developer connecting to Oracle database configuration tutorial


Tools to install:

1. Download and install Oracle:

Download address:

Detailed installation is not described in detail here. It should be noted that the downloaded two files need to be decompressed to the same directory and the path configuration of environment variables (try to use English character path):


II. Install 32-bit instant client

Download 32-bit instant client (lightweight client) as the local Oracle environment (in the old version, the 64 bit instant client version seems to conflict with PLSQL).


2. After the installation free version is decompressed, select a path (customized) of the computer, such as e: \ PLSQL \ instantclient ﹣ 12 ﹣ 2. Create two folders: network and Admin. Admin is a subfolder of the network folder, such as instantclient ﹣ 12 \ network \ admin, and then create the file tnsnames.ora. The basic configuration is as follows:




Where port: 1521 is the port number.

Host = localhost means that the access address IP is local.

Note: you can also copy the network file directly from the Oracle installation path to e: \ PLSQL \ instantclient ﹣ 12 ﹣ 2. Such as:

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III. install PLSQL developer

1. This machine is win10 (64 bit) installed with PLSQL developer

PLSQL developer download address:

2. After installation, do not log in temporarily. Click the “cancer” option to enter the page directly. In Tools > Preferences > connection, configure Oracle home and OCI library as follows:


Home: fill in the decompression address of the installation free version. OCI Library: fill in the oci.dll address under the decompression address of the installation 12.


Click Apply after filling in

Note: try to use English character address.

3. Restart PLSQL after the above steps are completed. If the configuration is correct, the option to fill in the corresponding database name will appear. Enter the Oracle account password to log in normally, as shown in the figure.

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Attempt to query operation, completed successfully! Problem: after configuring Oracle home and OCI library, reopen PLSQL to find that there is no database option.

Solution: the configured path may contain Chinese, orinstantclient_12_2\NETWORK\ADMIN\tnsnames.oraIf the configuration of is wrong or the environment is wrong, check carefully and make sure it is correct. In addition, the version of instantclient ﹣ 12 ﹣ 2 and PLSQL also ensure that there is no conflict.



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