Play the command line as “mini Google”: it can search, calculate and translate


Still using the browser to open Google and Baidu to search?

No,no,not fashion。

Directly letcommand lineSecond becomes “search engine”, understand?

Not only can search and Q & a be done easily, but alsocalculationandtranslate

Play the command line as

“Pa” once suck (Zhang) eyes (x) have wood.

Tuxi: instant Q & a command line tool

This is the project on the recent GitHub hot list——TUXI

In short, it is aCommand line tools, able to quickly perform Q & A.

Play the command line as

The effect is also amazing. For example, inQ & AOn the other hand, if you ask “the birthday of Linus Torvalds (the father of Linux)”, tuxi will quickly give an accurate answer:

28 December 1969

Play the command line as

If you ask “actors in social networks”, tuxi will immediately give a list of names:

Play the command line as

In our daily search process, we will inevitably misspell words, and the search engine in the browser will automatically correct them. How will tuxi deal with it? It can be said that it is also quite intelligent. For example, in the following question, the English word “chocolate” was misspelled, and tuxi asked this when answering.

Play the command line as

In addition to the question and answer function, tuxi can also executecalculationandQuery weatherAnd other tasks.

Play the command line as

of course,translateIt’s no problem.

Play the command line as

How to install?

On the whole, the process of using tuxi is very simple and lightweight. Its configuration and installation process are also very simple. First inenvironmentThere are three requirements:

  • Pup——Command line tool for handling HTML.
  • Recode——Character set conversion tools and libraries.
  • Jq——Command line JSON processor.

After that, Download tuxi directly to your path and give it executable permission:

$ curl -sL "" -o $HOME/.local/bin/tuxi$ chmod +x $HOME/.local/bin/tuxi

If arch is used, tuxi can be directly installed in AUR as a tuxi git package:

$ yay -S tuxi-git

Finally, it should be emphasized that although the search using tuxi no longer depends on the traditional browser, the “search engine” behind it is stillGoogle

In other words, after asking questions, grab Google’s search results and feed back the answers to the profile. Do you want to experience such a command-line tool? After all, it is also quite popular in the market

Play the command line as

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