PL/SQL Developer Installation and Link to Oracle


1. Introduction to PL/SQL Developer

PL/SQL Developer is an integrated development environment, specializing in the development of Oracle database storage program unit. Nowadays, more and more business logic and application logic turn to Oracle Server, so PL/SQL programming has become an important part of the whole development process. PL/SQL Developer focuses on ease of use, code quality and productivity, giving full play to the main advantages of Oracle application development process.

2. Preparing tools

The premise is that you have installed Oracle. I installed Oracle 11g.Baidu Cloud Disk Download AddressExtract passwords:zn7u
Tools needed:
1) Oracle client, you can download my Baidu cloud disk.linkExtract the password:fkdhOrOfficial websiteHttp:// downloads by itself. Note that downloads are best.32 place.
2) PL/SQL Developer tool, download my Baidu cloud disk.linkExtract the password:9s38

3. Configuring Client

1) Unzip the downloaded Oracle client file*E:\TOOLS_APP2*Next, you can choose the decompression location by yourself, but you must remember.
2) Create folder NETWORK/ADMIN two-tier directory under the directory of decompressed files of Oracle client, copy E: app nlk product 11.2.0 dbhome_1 NETWORK ADMIN tnsnames.ora file under Oracle installation directory and copy it to ADMIN directory.

4. PL/SQL Developer security, registration and configuration

1) Installation

Direct double-click file installation.Note: There are no parentheses in the installation path. Do not install under the C: Program Files (x86) directory

2) Registration

The first opening requires registration.
Registration code:

Product Code:4t46t6vydkvsxekkvf3fjnpzy5wbuhphqz
serial Number:601769

3) Configuration

(1) Open PL/SQL without user login.
(2) Open the Preference menu item through the TOOLS menu.
(3) Modify Oracle Home and OCI Library paths as follows: Oracle Home and OCI Library are set according to their decompression paths.
PL/SQL Developer Installation and Link to Oracle

5. Login

Re-open PL/SQL, there will be the following login screen, input user name and password, it should be able to login normally.
PL/SQL Developer Installation and Link to Oracle